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  2. Yes. Roxio's menus are made a little larger by the DPI setting you use.
  3. Does this happen with subsequent versions of Roxio as well?
  4. Having the DPI at 125% in videowave 'output export as' makes the 'create video file' button disappear when some output formats are chosen! Run the Roxio program at 100% DPI.
  5. I forgot that feature can impact Roxio for some reason. I couldn't remember. I like having the display a little larger without messing with the resolution. I guess I will have to change it when I use Roxio classic or just put up with it or use another program. Sometimes I use CDxpBurner but I like Roxio classic better. I can read and make it out. It is the only thing affecting any of my programs. Thanks
  6. Set Windows to 100%; it looks like you have it higher (125% ?).
  7. You can see from the capture, that you are barely able to read about a 1/4 "Free space top portion. The remaining is hidden. I've tried grabbing a hold of the area with the mouse but it just won't do anything.
  8. It may be helpful if you post a screen capture of what you see.
  9. Hello: I am using Windows 7 pro at 1920x1080 resolution and I have tried other resolutions but at the bottom of Creator Classic 2012, I can only partially see the information next to Disc Size where I can see how much space is left over on my disc. I can barely make it out. I have stayed at 2012 because I find it very stable and have never been encouraged to go beyond and I haven't really investigated whether the last NT version is worth it but not being able to clearly see the remaining free disc space is annoying at the bottom. I don't see any other place to see this information.
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  11. Toast 11 Titanium With Mac Os 10.6.8

    Thanks for reporting back. Nice to see that this issue could be resolved.
  12. Toast 11 Titanium With Mac Os 10.6.8

    Hello again the old archiver, Regarding my problem of MOTU/Digital Performer crashing Toast, I hope I may have found the cause. I believe there was a problem with not having the latest MOTU drivers. I had another anomaly independent of Toast. For some while(several months) I had been unable to update Digital Performer to v9.5. The update would simply not open. Whilst trying to correct this I downloaded latest MOTU drivers. This cured the problem and allowed v9.5 to open and run. Guess what!? Yes, Toast is not now upset by Digital Performer or its hardware. So this is just to let you know that one of your suggestions (re drivers) was spot on. Many thanks for your help...... Dave
  13. Toast 11 Titanium With Mac Os 10.6.8

    Hi theoldarchiver, Appreciate your reply. I'm not sure I'm getting anywhere! I booted up using a Guest user account and at first all was well, Toast launched few times(maybe 6) then refused to launch completely. I went back to my main user account, same thing - refused to launch repeatedly. Next I disconnected everything non Apple (3 external USB drives and four audio interfaces using FireWire) and booted up again. Hey presto! Toast launched ok. So I remounted each drive(verifying with Disc Utility that each drive was ok), then switched the audio interfaces on again. I did this one device at a time checking that Toast launched ok each time. At the end of this everything was connected again, and Toast was ok. However, a restart with everything connected was followed by repeated refusal of Toast to launch. At the moment I am finding that my audio interfaces do effect whether Toast will launch or not! Sometimes, I can switch one of the four interfaces off and Toast will then launch, but it's not always the same one! Sometimes after a successful launch of Toast with one interface off, switching it on again does not cause it to fail to launch. It's all inconsistent; but a restart nearly always causes problems! I should say that once Toast has launched ok, it doesn't seem to crash - it's always on LAUNCH that there's a problem with a failure report generated like the one I sent you. The SIGBUS line is always the same though. Not sure what's next......
  14. How to capture 60FPS

    I figured it out! I just needed to manually set the video output resolution from the Nintendo Switch itself to 720p rather then automatic.
  15. How to capture 60FPS

    My understanding is that the Game Capture HD pro currently supports 720p at 60fps capture. The issue is, when I go to record footage, it comes out in 30fps and I don't see a FPS setting. I also tested it at 480p, and that is also still only 30 fps. The game itself and video output from the console is 60fps, so it's not that the signal is 30fps to begin with. My roxio game capture software build is 102B26A ENU; i'm running Windows 10 home. Is it possible that service pack 3 introduced new issues? Is there a way to rever back to 2.0 or 2.1 to check?
  16. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    A standard 4.3GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of highest quality video. No matter what the source format, all video for the DVD is converted to mpg format which is the DVD standard. There is no real advantage to first creating an mp4 file since it will be converted to mpg when the DVD is burned.
  17. JPEG clarity in Roxio NXT Pro6 VideoWave

    Do you have the BD plugin? It is needed for a BD high definition video 1080 x 1920, and needs activated from the program main menu. If you made a iso image file you need a virtual drive to view it, I use Elaborate Bytes Virtualclonedrive. Email sent.
  18. Service Pack 3 notes?

    Thanks Brendon, I hadn't used GameCAP Pro in some time and just got the SP3 today.
  19. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    For others with the same issue. ok so i figured out which of the 3 videos was causing the burn to error out. went back to video wave & used the authoring option, which saves it to JUST an mpg, then uploaded that file, it worked fine. The other two are actually mpeg4's and didn't have an issue burning. i think maybe there was something in that show (embedded) that was causing the issue, but i was keeping it as simple as possible.
  20. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    ok i clicked the save as iso image, and then it went into burn mode, and errored out again. You mentioned I can't burn mp4's, why is that? One of the options from video wave is mpeg4. i am making a DVD with 3 menu items I am doing a couple photo slide shows with music embedded. and a short video with music All 3 are in mpg4 format each one is about 20-30min long AS LONG AS i have someone familiar with MYDVD.... can i change the text color, or font size or is that all defaulted?
  21. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    The error occurs within the first 5min of burning I picked mp4 thinking higher quality I have not tried BURN to iso, i will do that now & get back to you shortly
  22. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    How long in time is your project? Why did you create the mp4 files in Videowave? Why not directly to mpg format which is what a DVD requires? Exactly at what point to your get the error? Have you tried to first "burn" to an iso image file?
  23. I got the following error trying to burn a DVD. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure. Reason Unknown Error. Code: 2147500037. I have tried it 3 times and same error. I have Creator NXT6 pro, trying to burn a DVD of videos that are in a MP4 format. Shows were created using Roxio video wave. I am on Win10 It seems that Creator 6 uses the Roxio MyDVD software to burn the DVD. I have a 1yo laptop, with plenty of memory so that shouldn't be an issue. I took out all symbols out of my titles, thinking that was causing the error. HELP!!!!
  24. Service Pack 3 notes?

    Broskimode, I haven't seen any release notes for that ServicePack, but perhaps Corel will update the 'Updates' page eventually - if they still do that. The SP2.1 updates the program to version 102B22A The SP3.0 updates it to 102B26A. This doesn't look like much of a number change, but the updater uninstalls large chunks of the program and then reinstalls new chunks, so a lot has been replaced. The updater has about 175MB devoted to GameHD_1x, about 16MB devoted to CPDecoderpack, and about 3MB each to GameCapHD_USB x64 and x86. Given the amount changed, it might take them a time to write up the release notes Hope this helps . . .
  25. Service Pack 3 notes?

    No it was Roxio. As soon as I launched the program the Software Manager window popped up with the Roxio Game Capture SP3 3.0 hyperlink. Here is the file sitting in my downloads folder
  26. Hi Steve, It's been 6 months. You never wrote, you never called . . . (grin) Okay, you're showing a message from Windows Installer, so I guess you managed to successfully download the .txt file and re-name it to .MSP and run it. Now the patch is complaining that it can't find the program it is trying to update? WHAT HAS HAPPENED to the software you were running (SP 2.0) which offered you the SP2.1 update? If it is unchanged it should have happily accepted the SP2.1. Has it been changed, broken, or updated already? Can you tell us what version is shown when you go to 'Help > About this software' ? Things are getting complicated, since Service Pack 3.0 was issued in the last 3 or 4 days.
  27. JPEG clarity in Roxio NXT Pro6 VideoWave

    I'm not sure how to make a high definition video. Can you point me in the right direction? Also I did create an ISO file, but it was also very blurry. I'm not familar with a virtual drive?
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