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  2. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    No, upgrading Toast won’t help for this purpose, and will have the same result. You have to tweak your workflow: So you had Toast convert your MKV to DVD-Video. If you have Toast still open, you should have an .m2v in the Roxio Converted Items folder. Move that .m2v to another folder (to preserve it), e.g. together with your input files. Rename the .m2v and original .ac3 files so that they match. The base filename will be the suggestion for clip title in the menu, but you can change that manually later. Then set Toast up to make a new disc again. Add the .m2v file. Toast will know about the matching .ac3 file automatically. Set disc title, menu, menu title, clip description, etc. as your would normally. File > Save as Disc Image. Let Toast create a .toast file. This will be fast, as the conversion has already been done. Mount the disc image file as a virtual disc. Play in Apple DVD Player. Check for audio channels again.
  3. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Thanks - very good advice. When I open it in QT and VLC (see attcahed) is says the audio is stereo so I guess it's been converted. In MediaInfo it says the orginal AC3 file is 6 channel. So it looks like Toast converted it. So back to drawing board. Do you think I should I upgrade Toast or use something else here?
  4. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    You can check the new DVD even before the surround system, as it will either be converted to stereo, or as original. Software can show you the audio channel layout by analyzing it. Open the VTS_01_1.VOB from the resulting DVD in VLC/QuickTime Player/Apple DVD Player/HandBrake/MPEG Streamclip/VideoSpec/iMediaHUD/MediaInfo or any other application that will show you details the numbers of channels for the audio. VLC (⌘-I while playing or paused) will say 3F2M/LFE; QuickTime Player will say 5.1 (L C R Ls Rs LFE); Apple DVD Player will say Channels:6 ; HandBrake will say 5.1 ch; MPEG Streamclip will say 3/2; VideoSpec will say 6 channels; iMediaHUD will say 6 channels; MediaInfo will say 6 channels.
  5. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Thank you - that's really helpful. I didn't have a .m2v file so I used a piece of multiplexing software to combine my 5.1 AC3 with the video (from MP4) and at the same time strip the stereo track that was with my MPEG 4 file. I then took the resultant .mkv file into Toast. it has certainly created a dvd and it has video and audio but I don't know whethere it's 5.1 yet - I will get access to a surround system on Friday. Does my process sound like it might work?
  6. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    Toast defaults to encoding files to DVD-Video stereo AC3 (named ‘Dolby Digital’ in the interface). [I think that was true for v10 as well.] But … it will also accept AC3 files as-is, creating a loophole for including multichannel audio. The trick is (a) to set Toast to “never re-encode” and (b) to use DVD compliant files (.m2v video-only + .ac3 audio-only) as input. Just add the video part. If the matching audio is in the same folder and has the same base name, then Toast will include it. If Toast can’t find matching audio, it will ask for it. Toast will create a disc (or disc image) with the original video and original audio, preserving the 5.1 audio. If you don’t have .mpg /.m2v, then you can let Toast encode your input file into DVD compliant format, and then move the temporary video file (delete any temporary audio file!), which you can then use for the second run with your original 5.1 audio. (The temporary files are stored in ~/Documents/Roxio Converted Items/ .) Please ask if this is not clear. (And I hope I don’t have to re-install v10 to verify details on each step – if that even works on Sierra.)
  7. Toast 10 and surround 5.1

    I have Toast Titanium 10. I haven't used it in years because I don't tend to need DVDs any more. However I need to burn one with 5.1 surround now. Can I do that in TT 10. If so, what is the workflow? I have the 5.1 mix in various formats including AC3. Thanks.
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  9. Combine Files using Roxio NXT 5 Video Copy & Convert

    That is the way it always has worked... What you want to use in VideoWave (Edit Video - Advanced) and import all the files you want to combine in there. You can even add transitions between them if it suits you. Then use the Export As button at the top and pick the format you are after.
  10. where is the burn button

    It no longer has the Send to DVD like the older version Now you have to output a file one of two ways in VideoWave, then manually add that file into MyDVD. You can use the Export As option. Pick the Purpose and note the file location: Or using the Prepare for Authoring option: Pick your Purpose and make sure you know WHERE the output file is going! Then open MyDVD, both can be open now since they are different programs. You add the file either using the Media tab in MyDVD and navigating to its' location: Or drag it in using Windows File Explorer: Try it out and see if you understand it. There is one other option and that is to use Video Copy and Convert to burn a Movie Disc.
  11. Hi I'm using Roxio NXT Pro 5 Video Copy & Convert to take video files from .VOB files and want to convert them to WMV as a single/combined file. I'm sure I could do this in earlier versions but I can't see this option and what I'm getting is 8 single WMV files generated as a result of the Conversion process and not a single file ? Please help/advise. thanks Brian
  12. Blu-ray player

    It's not mentioned in the NXT 6 adverts and it's hard to find, but I think you need to buy the additional Blu-Ray plugin ($8) from here, if you want to work with Blu-Ray.
  13. Blu-ray player

    Upgraded to NXT 6 Pro, still can't play Blu-ray dvd??
  14. where is the burn button

    sorry about the confusion. There is a learning curve when going from Creator 9 to NXT 5. So, I create my work of art in Videowave. What are the steps I need to take to make this production into a dvd to watch on my TV? Where is the "Send to MyDVD in Videowave?
  15. Capture problem

  16. where is the burn button

    Hi roubee! Actually, VideoWave has never had any 'burn' capability... MyDVD is the application where burning is done. Sad to say, you will find this version of it lacking VIdeoWave does have the ability to Export As and in there you can choose the output you wish to use after edit. That is best to use if movie authoring (burning) is not your final solution. Use it for things like edit & effects for a single clip that is going to be part of a larger multiple clip project. Likewise if you want to make a clip to stream with or use in a phone or pad device, that is what you want to use There is another button in VideoWave, 'Send to MyDVD'. In the NXT 5 & 6 versions it will create an intermediate file in the proper format for MyDVD. You still have to open MyDVD and load that file into it but think of it as Export As only with a pre-set that will put it in the proper format for MyDVD. You will likely have more questions, so feel free to ask.
  17. Capture problem

    Hello Jim. I solved by reinstalling NXT Pro 6. Now I acquire with Polaris Conexant. Thank you.
  18. i used to have Creator 9, but had to purchase another program because it is not compatible with W10. So now I have Nxt5 I go to videowave, add my pictures, text and all that good stuff, but how the heck do I burn ?
  19. Capture problem

    Are you trying to use your Polaris device or the Roxio Screen Recorder? It is rare for Roxio to recognize a third party capture device and more rare still for it to work with one. Within NXT, I do not see anything specific to which version of PAL to use. The only option is NTSC or PAL. I would think that it would use the format that is specific to the Language that you chose when you installed the software. Otherwise you will problbly be better served by contacting Corel Support directly. When you get an answer, please let us know what you had to do
  20. Capture problem

    With Roxio NXT 4 I have always captured videos with Polaris Conexant Video grabber without any problem. Now with Roxio NXT Pro 6 I can't do that. In the capture options there is only the option Pal M and not Pal B (System in use in Italy). Help please
  21. Toast 16 gets Result Code=-1743388673

    I don’t have a list of these 10-digit error codes, so I don’t know what that code means. The regular macOS error code numbers that I know of, are 16-bit signed integer (-32,768 to 32,767), so I’m thinking your result code might be from a different list, and application specific. I’m just a fellow user, so perhaps someone at Support may know more or be of help? I doubt the script readers recognize the code, but a higher echelon might be able to look it up. I would delete any of the Preference files (*), even delete the Toast folder in /Applications, reboot with a minimum of peripherals, and try the installer again. (*) Delete these, if they are present, for a clean slate start: ~/Library/Preferences/Roxio Toast Prefs ~/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Toast.plist /Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Toast.plist ( ← older Toast versions) /Library/Application Support/Roxio/ ~/Library/Application Support/Roxio/ ( ← not sure which versions of Toast used this folder) ~/Library/Services/ToastIt.service ~/Library/Saved Application State/com.roxio.Toast.savedState/ ~/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.videoplayer.plist ~/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Toast.LSSharedFileList.plist [where ~ is a shorthand for your home folder, and a / at the beginning signifies the root of the boot volume.]
  22. Toast 16 gets Result Code=-1743388673

    At the first run of Toast 16, Toast request typing a serial number. I checked on Toast It and Mount It, then proceed it freezes with "Result Code=-1743388673". MacOS 10.13.3 Toast 16 Titanium (4867) I have tried to uncheck of Toast It and Mount It, it is resulted as freezes at user registration.
  23. In that case you'll either have to use a double-layer DVD, or compress the program file enough to fit on a single layer disc, because you can't trim bits off a program file and still have it run. If you compress it, you won't be able to run the program from the disc but will have to copy it off and decompress it before you can use it. Try using programs such as WinZip, WinRar, or 7-Zip, and see if you can squeeze it enough to make it fit.
  24. Hi there It is a program file , not a video ! . cheers Spike
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  26. File size is not that important, it is the time length that matters most. In what format is that video? A standard 4.3 GB DVD can only hold about 60 minutes of best quality video. Reduce the bitrate until the video will fit on the DVD. If you have a menu then you will have to consider that also
  27. Hi I have a program file that is 4.78GB and I need to burn it to a DVD ( 4.5 GB ) is there somehow I can compress the file to fit a normal DVD 5 Disc ! , the file is just a small amount to large , prob about 70MB . cheers
  28. CD TEXT and PQ subcodes

    While Toast can read them and write them, there is no build-in way to display them to the user. Burn the disc, then read back the CD-TEXT (in .plist form) and the ISRCs (in hex form) with drutil (Terminal). There are clickable ways to use these at Audiofile-engineering.com.
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