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  2. I doubt that there have been substantial improvements in that program between 5 and 6. That is not a consensus but could be depending on how many others respond.
  3. I was wondering if any NXT 6 users who also had version 5 could weigh in on whether or not this is an improvement over its predecessor. I'm not referring to features, those always "improve". I'm talking about things like stability and functionality. For instance, I rip audio books from CD frequently. in NXT 5, if you had multiple CD/DVD readers you could theoretically start a rip from multiple disks simultaneously. I would often run 4 disks at the same time. In practice, it was clear (I'm a programmer) that they had serious multi-threading issues because often the rip from one CD would corrupt or interfere with the output from another. The program in general was buggy, crashed frequently, and misbehaved more than just about any other utility I owned. I'm only prepared to be fooled a second time if the general consensus is that the product is Much Better Now.
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  5. Outstanding! I will have to try that
  6. Thanks again for your help! I finally did get it work. Here's what I did differently: I started over with the videowave project as the only movie in the MyDVD project. I created chapters, but did not have it generate chapter menus. I manually created the menus all rooted from the main page. I put 5 chapters in each one. In doing this, I had to manually change the chapter background to be the theme background I wanted. I manually added all the chapter links and Home/Next/Prev buttons When I tried to burn it to an .iso file, I received the following error message: 8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1. This is the first time I had received an error message in this whole process. I googled it and saw another post in here that the way to get around this was to launch MyDVD by double-clicking on the DVD project name instead of first launching MyDVD and then opening my project within the app. So, my double-clicking on the project, I was able to burn it to an .iso file and it worked!!! I've edited it 3 different times since, and have burned it 3 times. I will go back and see if I can get the original project with Roxio generated menus to work. But enough for today. Done in-time for Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all!! Thanks again for your help, I will update this one more time!
  7. I'll attempt to duplicate your project. Update: I created a 30 minute project with 15 chapters and ran it on 3 different versions. Creator NXT Pro 6 was the only one that successfully completed the project. Creator 2012 Pro as well as Creator NXT Pro 3 both failed at the 97% mark I'll do a little more tinkering and hope someone else has a good idea about this Tried a couple more things. I noticed that an ISO file did exist and burned them to disc. Unfortunately neither would play. I did burn a No Chapter project directly to DVD but that doesn't resolver anything...
  8. I am burning to an ISO file each time, and that is where it hangs. I only burn an actual DVD from the .iso file once it is successfully created. The file is from home movies, and we interspersed some background music for various scenes. Each time the music changed, I added a new chapter so you could go right to a certain segment. Yes, each chapter segment is very short!
  9. I hope you are not burning to a DVD each time! Most of us first "burn" to a Video_TS folder or to an iso (image) file. If the burn is successful, they can be played with a software player like VLC. If you are happy then you can burn folder set or iso file to a DVD. This avoids creating a lot of DVD coasters. Is your final project only 28 minutes in length? If yes, why do you have 15 chapters? That would be less then 2 minutes between chapters.
  10. Having the same problem - here was the response I received: Using Photoshow release 6 - I am only seeing eight of the thirty two photo shows I have posted ! Corel Customer Support via zendesk.com Thu, Jun 14, 10:34 PM (12 hours ago) to Lawrence ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (4838206) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Ralp V. Puno (Corel) Jun 15, 01:31 EDT Hello Lawrence, Thank you for contacting Corel Technical Support. Upon further research on your case, it seems that this is a known issue with the program. This issue needs to be escalated to the engineering team for investigation. What I can do for you is to transfer your case to them so they will be notified that more customers are having the same issue. Though they might not be able to contact you when an update or patch will be released, rest assured that they are checking on it and will update the Roxio page. I hope you understand. I'll take note of the things that we have tried and include it in the report that will be sent to them.
  11. I tinkered with the MyDVD settings (i.e. Hardware rending, using the SmartEncoding, etc), and it didn't seem to make any difference. What I did notice however, is that the first two menus are rendered OK, but it hangs when it gets to the 3rd menu. I noticed this in the original project as well. I suppose I could cut down on the number of chapters, but I was hoping it would work as designed I could also try to manually add the sub menus and chapters. Let me know if you think that would be worth the effort. thanks!!!
  12. OK - still no luck. Here's what I tried: Put the videos and some photos into a new videowave file (the videos only total 28 minutes). Added 1 song for background music. Saved the videowave project. Exported it as an Mpeg for DVD better quality - which was at 8 mbps Created a new MyDVD project. Used a different menu scheme. Set the quality to HQ Added this new test video. Created random chaptes (15 of them) MyDVD still hung at 95% during the encoding menus If I create a MyDVD project with just this test video and no chapters, it burns to disc just fine. Feels like my some setting somewhere is causing the problem with rendering chapter menus. Any other suggestions? I really appreciate your help!!!
  13. mpeg is best for DVD as that will be the same as it uses on the disc. Encode at 6 to 8 mbps and make sure MyDVD is set to HQ. Oddly, filesize is meaningless to DVD Authoring. A 4.7 GB disc will only hold 1 hour of video or pictures at HQ! To get more you have to sacrifice quality. That brings to mind another possibility. If you are packing 2 hours onto a 1 hour disc, some serious rerendering is taking place. I wonder if that has any contribution to the audio issue? I kind of doubt it since I put a 2:48 hour project together with no distortion. Video sucked but audio was not distorted.
  14. OK, so I'm on to Plan C at this point. Didn't have any luck with Plan A and B. What format do you suggest I export the original VideoWave project in? I'd prefer the highest quality possible. There's plenty of room on the DVD as it only takes up about 2GB. thanks again for your help!!
  15. I'm on it! Thanks for the suggestions! First - I'll delete the .dat file and try opening MyDVD and burning it again. If that doesn't work, I'll move on to Plan B. Thanks!!
  16. Find your 'dmsd' file for your project. Delete the xxxx.dat file that is with it. See if that works. Plan B: Try a New Project in MyDVD. Don't waste too much time with it, just add the videos & clips and slap a bunch of chapters into it. Trying to see if your original project might have gotten corrupted. Plan C: Export As from VideoWave your complete project. Note the time spots where you want the chapters to fall. Use this new file as the basis for a new project in MyDVD and add chapters at those time points. We will beat this thing into submission
  17. Still did not work. I let it run for 8 hours and it got to 95% complete and hung. Any other suggestions? Appreciate the help!!
  18. Let me take that back... I had skipped the step of repairing the installation. I just did that, and now the project completed. Took less than an hour. I will now reboot and try the original project...
  19. Thanks for your reply! Appreciate the help! I followed your suggestions, and did not get very far. I selected the 7 videos and tried the Convert Video, and it is still stuck on the first one. It has been stuck for 3 hours. VideoConvert13.exe is at 25% CPU usage and has logged 2:56:52 time. I have been able to create a DVD without chapters. These problems started coming in when I added chapters to the project. Open to other suggestions! I will try to do this with just the first video now and see what that does. thanks again for your help!!!
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  21. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Thanks for the email suggestion - that is my "trash" email address meant to capture that kind of stuff. Yes - I have tried that and even more. I made it through to Level 2 technical support where they remotely accessed my computer. They were at a loss to correct it. Suggestions even included I use the "clean audio" function - to modify hardware vs software rendering, and included the old standby update drivers, etc. I am able to replicate the problem on a Win 8.1 machine, Windows 10, and Windows 7. All have the poor audio where the audio edited is greater than 15 or so minutes and differing hardware (one is my macbook on duel boot). I had attempted so many fixes they had to reset my permitted number of installs. After a great deal of work, I have managed to discover how the problem can be replicated and reviewed: 1) Change the Proxy Files location to easily detect when the proxy files have completed rendering. 2) I delete all proxy files. 3) When a video file is first loaded - playback is fine. (Rendering at this point will result in corrupt audio in the final result). 4) For every video edit, VideoWave creates an audio proxy file in the Proxy Files location. When the proxy file is finished I save the production - enter a new production, then reload the saved production. This will then cause VideoWave to access the proxy file. If you listen to the proxy file in a different program, like VLC, the audio is corrupted and distorted. 5) Once reloaded - the audio for the file beyond around 7-10 minutes is corrupted. 6) Even more interesting is that if I delete the proxy file and reload the production, the sound is fine - until the proxy file is created and the production reloaded. 7) Once reloaded the audio is once again corrupt. There is something wrong in how Roxio VideoWave that transcodes the audio portion of the video files improperly. I believe the settings they pass to ffmpeg are incorrect, but are hardcoded into VideoWave. I have used many different file formats and the result is the same. -LeeTXJD
  22. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Not a good idea to use an email address as your name or within your posts unless you like the spam you get I agree that the fact that several users are seeing this problem and there does not seem to be a known fix at this point is not good! Sorry you are having this issue but looking through your post I think I see one thing that is possibly common to your testing on various machines. The same file/project? I cannot reproduce this using a long file (2:48) Did you see/try any of the suggestions in this topic? I didn't follow your suggestion about the audio proxy file. Can you detail what you are doing there. Thanks, Jim
  23. Repair the Creator 2012 install: Insert the disc - start an install and when it asks, select Repair. Reboot. Then put all those files into Copy and Convert Video: Chose Convert Video - Create a Disc Menu and Save it to File/Folder If it works, try your original project. If your original project still fails, try it without any chapters or menus.
  24. Jwc1934@aol.com

    Regarding my questions about Toast and a new Mercury burner, it turned out that the burner had a problem. It was tested and repaired by OWC and after that, all works well. Thanks again for your comments.
  25. Toast project file conversion

    Please note that the project files (.disc) do not contain any content, and never did, but only contain settings and the location pointers for the content. While re-creating old setups is a pain to do, you could re-create old disc projects if you still have the source files.
  26. track info

    Um, you're not exactly giving much detail there about your problem Caliber. What are you trying to do, how are you trying to do it, and what are the results you're getting please?
  27. track info

    Track info does not export consistently with mp3
  28. Not sure if anyone out there is still using Roxio Creator 2012, but I think it is still the best video editing software out there. I bought Roxio Creator NXT 5, but the DVD editing software is a joke. Here's the problem: I created a movie in VideoWave which has 7 .mp4 files along with some photos that have pan and zoom on them. The video also has background music (.mp3 files) on the music track. I added the VideoWave Movie to a MyDVD project - 16:9 aspect ratio I used the menu style Projector In MyDVD, I created 15 chapters, which generated 5 chapter menus. I went into each chapter menu and renamed them from the default 1, 2, 3 to actual text I tried to burn it to disc (long ago learned you can't burn to DVDs directly). It hangs at 95% after getting through 2 chapter menus Windows says the app is not responding, but VideoWave still consumes 25% of the CPU if you look at the Task Manager Window. Machine specs: Windows 7 HP Pavilion p6630f, with an Interl Core i3CPU @3.20 GHz 6 GB RAM Plenty of disk space, I cleaned out all temp folders and defragged the disc. 415GB free Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 - drivers are up to date All updates have been done. I looked at other articles and tried uninstalling and reinstalling Roxio, and that had no effect. I've tried burning the disc with various combinations of options: Render using Hardware / Enable Intel Enhanced turned on / Roxio AVC SmartEncode turned on Render using Hardware / Enable Intel Enhanced turned off / Roxio AVC SmartEncode turned on Render using Software / Enable Intel Enhanced turned off / Roxio AVC SmartEncode turned on Render using Software / Enable Intel Enhanced turned off / Roxio AVC SmartEncode turned off Any suggestions would be appreciated! I've spent a couple of weeks trying to get this to work! THANKS!
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