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    How Many Photos Will Fit On One Cd?

    Thank you so very much for your help...you have really helped answer my questions. One more, if I put the photos on a DVD, will it act just like a CD for ordering? If so, I think that is the route I will go. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom with me!
  2. I would like to know if there is a way to get more photos on one cd? I am copying them for a client and I am new to actually copying my files, I normally just download them to my website and they order from there. I don't know if my photos are way too big and can be re-sized or not. They are currently 5184x3456 pixels at 230 dpi. Does this sound too big? I want them to be at a good size for my clients to print photos if they so desire. I currently have 823 photos I would like to share with them. My CD-R's are 700MB, are these the largest size of cds? It shows that this amount of photos will take 18 cds. That just seems like too many, or does that sound correct with the information I have given you. One last question, is there a simple and easy way to send my photos to a company to have them copied to cds professionally? I just really don't know about this side of photography at all. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if my question appears to be elementary. Thanks.