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  1. Title Linking Issues

    thank you Jim!
  2. Title Linking Issues

    so stay with 'standard' or 'original'?
  3. Title Linking Issues

    Jim... this has been a very humbling experience.... Unfortunately I didn't record the template I used during the test because I replaced it with a new menu background (I have been randomly choosing template). So I tried to recreate the problems on 2 machines with 3 different templates and everything worked perfectly. Needless to say I am a little embarrassed. I have been using Roxio's products for years and am quite comfortable with how the products work and have developed workarounds for the products short-comings.... so I am not exactly a newbie and that is why I feel bad. My theory is that the problem I experienced is related to a combination of things - the template used, rearranging titles on the menus and using 'high quality' rather than 'std' or 'fit to disk'. Anyhow... since I can't recreate the problem I am going to consider this problem closed. (if it happens again I'll be back!) I can't thank you enough for the time and support you have given me. Lisa
  4. Title Linking Issues

    no i did not move them around... actually jpeg 6 & 7 went to a 2nd menu, which was automitically generated by MYDVD.
  5. Title Linking Issues

    sure... sorry that I am not being clear..... I opened MYDVD, selected a menu, added a background, and then added 7 jpegs (one by one)... so I had 7 entries on the menu. I then saved the file. Once saved I went into preview mode and click on each jpeg or 'button' (i guess i have been calling this a 'title') to ensure that the button displayed the correct jpeg. it did not... when I clicked on the 4th jpeg (on the menu) the second jpeg appeared. Am I making sense? Thanks again...
  6. Title Linking Issues

    Hi Jim, I tried your suggestion to add 7 jpegs to MYDVD and the same problem occured.... buttons were linking to the wrong image. i just read your newest post and will try your suggestion. I am trying to burn to a blu-ray disk because I want to be able to consolidate videos by theme for our family archive. The example mentioned in my post is less than 3 hours long, but I will be creating disks with as many videos as the bu-ray will hold. It looks as if the suggestion applies to creating a DVD disk not a Blu-Ray... Thanks again for your thoughts...
  7. Title Linking Issues

    Hi Jim, The time of the project is 2:45:10. I have tried Standard, fit to disk, original and high quality, and yes I am viewing it in 'preview mode'. Great idea to put one together with 7 still images.... I will try that later and will report back. Thanks again for your time and support.
  8. Title Linking Issues

    Yes, I have a Pioneer BDR 206 blu-ray burner. I have 7 MP2 video clips that I am trying to attach to the menus. Originally the files were imported from VHS tapes as MP2 files and then edited in Videowave. I tried attaching the 7 Videowave files directly to the menus (as I have many times in the past) but that didn't work, so I converted the vwave files to MP2 files and tried that as well. Neither worked.... Thanks for trying to help me....
  9. Title Linking Issues

    Using Creator 2010 Pro. In Mydvd, I have attached 7 titles to 2 menus in a blu-ray production using the ‘speed demon’ template. When I preview the production the buttons don’t link to the appropriate videos and the second menu doesn’t appear when ‘next’ is selected (it automatically plays one of the two videos on the second menu). I noticed that the title settings seem to be much more limited when outputting to blu-ray, so I tried creating the video as a DVD production – no luck same issues. I tried linking Vwave files to the titles and I have also tried MP2 files – no difference. I have read everything I could find in discussion groups and elsewhere about ‘button issues, menu issues, linking issues, etc. to no avail. And I submitted this problem directly to Roxio – no response…. I need to output the production as a blu-ray disk because its content will be well over 2 hours. I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions. Thank you for your time… Here are my system specs: HP Pavilion a1150y XP Media Center Edition SP3 3.2 gigahertz, Intel Pentium 4 250 GB Hard Drive 3584 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE TurboCache Roxio Creator 2010 Pro
  10. Burning Mp2 Files To Blu-Ray

    I think I have solved the problem, so I thought I'd share.... It seems as if the 'write format' error was caused by lack of disk space. I think additional disk space (2x the size of the orginial video) is needed on a temporary basis. When I tested using a smaller video file it worked - no errors! So a freed up a ton of space and ran a much bigger job (5 video files, chapters, etc..) it worked. I am burning the image file now - if you don't hear back from me it worked! Thank you once again for helping me troubleshoot this problem.
  11. Burning Mp2 Files To Blu-Ray

    Thank you so much for your attention to this matter. When you say burn it to a folder, do you mean burn an image file? If yes, I tried that... no luck. It is a new burner, I am wondering if it could be defective??? Thanks again!
  12. Burning Mp2 Files To Blu-Ray

    Sorry Jim... here is what I did: Selected Mydvd Selected Blu-Ray Selected menu style Added two MP2 files inserted as one movie Movie length is 1:26:51 Project Setting: Blu-ray authoring, HQ with AVC video format Saved MYDVD project Created Image file When I was almost at the end of burning the image file I received the ‘write format error’. Appreciate your time and patience....
  13. Burning Mp2 Files To Blu-Ray

    Yes, I have a Panasonic BDR206 BR burner. The video is 7.8 GB.
  14. Burning Mp2 Files To Blu-Ray

    I have mp2 videos that I want to burn onto a Blu-ray disk because the duration exceeds 1 hour. I have tried this several times and get an error at the end of the "burn image file" process saying there was a problem with the 'write format'. I selected blu-ray as the (mydvd) format. What am I doing wrong? I am running Creator 2010 Pro on XP Pro. Thanks!
  15. I created a vwave file with a masked background overlay. When I rendered it into an MP2 file then background image disappeared and was replaced with a solid gray color. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Roxio Creator 2010 Pro XP Operating System