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  1. As of now, 2/27, Mac2Tivo is not working, again. Redownloaded most recent update, but guess what? Mac2Tivo regressed to v.1.2.0. It doesn't work. And the 1.2.1 is gone from Roxio. What's with these people? Why such lousey support? Who do we complain to? I'm pretty sick of this.
  2. I was able to update Mac2Tivo last night and it's working fine. I'm using Lion 10.7.3 and Mac2TiVo 1.2.1 (104).
  3. I have used Mac2Tivo frequently with Toast 10 and Snow Leopard. It was my favorite app. But like you, with Lion and Toast 11, NOTHING! And there's no one to speak to on the phone, either. I phoned Tivo for tech support first, and they were excellent. You'd think a company like Roxio could do the right thing for its customers. I'm very annoyed at this point. What is the alternative you found? I'd consider buying it, too.