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    Double Image On Screen In Capture Mode

    No, the only time I see this double image is using Roxio's software. I have been using many other softwware, Adobe flash media recorder, avs editor & capture and have no problem while running their software to do what I paid for with the Roxio product and software. I will try what you have mentioned, but the link does not work. If there is an IM service through this forum, try to send the link there and I will retreive it. Thanks and will epost any updated info for others to use.
  2. Hello Roxio forum, I am havingissues with capturing video on one computer but not another. This is relevantbecause I am using the same disc to load the program on both and one works, butcan't handle the quality needed to capture smoothly nor is it convenient to usewhile working on these at home on the better computer built to handle this task.I have upadated the software as needed and it still will not work properly.Below are My computer specs: Computer build CPU : AMD FX-Series FX-4100 (FD4100WMGUSBX) MOBO : GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 1.1) OS: Win 7 64bit PSU : OCZ-ZT650W GPU : 2 using SLI - EVGA GeForce GTX560 PART NUMBER: 01G-P3-1460-KR MEMORY : Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM DualChannel Memory Kit CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B COOLER (CPU) : Cooler Master RR-910-HTX3-G1 130-Watt92mm Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler HDD1 : Western Digital 1.5 TB Caviar Green SATA Intellipower 64MB Cache Bulk/OEM WD15EARS HDD2: Samsung SP1614C sata 1st gen DVD/CD Drives: Lite-On Super All Write 24X SATADVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive - Bulk - IHAS124-04 (Black) <p style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;" class="MsoNormal"> Here is the problem, when I click on the capture button thecapture page opens and audio is fine, but the capture part of the screen has adouble image, one layered over the other, one is centered and looks clean, noflickering, but the second is pulled to the right and towards the top corner,so that it is only partially visible.