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    Vhs To Dvd Will Not Stop/compete

    well finally got the Samsung back from the user.... I did a 10 minute times recording, after 10 minutes the video record stopped and went into "finishing , please wait this may take a few minutes"....killed the program after 60 minutes. this config appears to not be perfect, but...as someone suggested I did a record then burn... Record/Edit/Save to disk the VHS Movie (saved as WMI file...) First Burn to DVD from Windows tools, image did burn to DVD and I was able to play on the laptop, DVD player errors "playback feature unavailable on this disk" Back into Roxio, exported the image to the DVD and we have DVD and PC playback. The Users not gonna be really happy, but we have a way for it to work, so she cant be totally disappointed!! Thanks. PS...The Model of the laptop is dead on CPU, memory....
  2. kwood

    Vhs To Dvd Will Not Stop/compete

    Problem: I want/need this working on the Samsung RV515 Windows7 Laptop, not the Dell. Version, latest/greatest! Roxio build 201B23A ENU RE: mean by burn/copy never ends. The burn hangs, I have to kill the roxio program. Even if I enable a timer, the burn hangs, never stops...have to kill Roxio. recorded a 2 hour movie, let it run for 4 then finally killed it... Im using the same install media, same Roxio cables, same VCR , same movie as I did on the Dell that did work, no I cannot use the Dell, work laptop. Using all exact same Roxio VHS2DVD setup from the Samsung on the Dell The only difference is the laptop vendor, maybe OS Patch level (sorry I dont have that info on me this sec) Verified the USB is version2 and current driver. So would I be best to look into the Samsungs Video and driver? Windows Media Player version??? What else??? Happy to supply any information you need!! RE: Capture as one step then do the Burn Thanks, will try this
  3. Hi, I have vhs to dvd installed on a Dell/Lattitude, win7 everything works perfect!!! same install media, cord....on a Samsung RV515, The console initially was to big for the screen, worked around that by setting/changing the screen resolution so I can see all the Icons including the Record button. All appears OK, but the burn/copy never ends. VHS movie stopped, but the dvd does not. Thoughts???? Kelly