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  1. lost boy

    Simply won't open!

    Yes the timer appears after clicking on "add photo/video" . After posting this i restored my computer to 7 days ago and it is all working fine now but rest assured it will likely happen again. Any clues what to do when it does?
  2. lost boy

    Simply won't open!

    Thanks, heads up. Since I posted this i contacted roxio and they had me reinstall. They first had me erase all roxio on my laptop. I then shut off my anti virus and reinstalled roxio. It has worked great till this morning. I go to "Edit Video- Advanced". I then click on "add photo/video" and a timer comes up for a few seconds and my screen disappears.
  3. lost boy

    Simply won't open!

    I was getting the same screen as you showed. I looked for updates and found 2. Installed them and it fixed the page you showed and I was able to use it. Only problem is when I try to edit a video. I click on "add photo/video" and a timer comes up for a couple seconds and the program closes. What the heck is going on now. I am running windows 10 and currently updated. My Roxio 6 is also updated so I have no clue what is causing this to happen.