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  1. Tracking On Dvd Not Good

    Thank you, I will try that this weekend. Yes, they were choppy when going through the computer when transferring also. Not on the TV when played, but the computer.
  2. Tracking On Dvd Not Good

    They don't show that way on the TV when viewing just the VHS tapes. Not clear, as I mentioned, but they don't appear choppy and skipping.
  3. Tracking On Dvd Not Good

    The VHS tapes are not the clearest (age), age, I know....but, when I am transferring one, what I see is the scenes that are choppy and skipping on the DVD, Thanks,
  4. Tracking On Dvd Not Good

    While, my VHS tapes are aging, and not the best clarity, after transferring to a DVD, the tracking is way off, jumping off and on, making it actually useless to transfer. Any suggestions? Thank you!