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  1. Hi, Has anyone found a quick fix to the Roxio NXT pro 3 crash. I have been using the photo editing portion of this program (Photosuite) for quite a while. Its very User friendly. I just used it yesterday and the day before with no issues. Today, its not letting me get access. As soon as I try to open a file, it says Roxio photosuite has stopped working....ect....... I tried a reboot, open as admin, run in compatibly mode windows 8 , all with no luck. Please note I am using windows 10 OS with software running in compatibility mode Windows 8 and have been doing so for over a year with no issues. I am trying to avoid and uninstall and re-install as that usually creates more problems and takes longer to fix. Please help as I need to get access to this software. ASAP
  2. I do realize that you just pop in whenever you have time and I appreciate the help. You have helped me before with tremendous success. Thank You. This time, however, No Luck yet. I'm having the Same issue of interrupted install and roll back. Is it possible that I have tried installing it too many times and the product key is no longer valid?
  3. I don't get the Easy VHS to DVD program to pop up because i had already uninstalled it in the programs and features. In device manager, I get - -Roxio Video Capture USB -USB 2861 Device
  4. Thanks for the info, here is the file. ROVI_SETUP.zip
  5. It says i am not able to upload this type of file.
  6. Here are the log files for the last attempted install.
  7. Hi , I have easy vhs to dvd 3 plus installed on my other windows 7 computer and would like it to be available on my new windows 8 computer. I tried installing it and everything seemed to be going well except for the fact that I could not get a video signal once inside the program. I tried repairing it , which did not work. I then uninstalled it in-order to re-install. I am now trying to re-install but the install keeps getting interrupted. The prompt goes away too fast for me to see the problem. I cannot make sense of the install log. Windows 8 is up to date and I have disabled windows firewall and tried restarting the install with no luck. Why did it install before on windows 8 and not now? And what should i do to re-install properly. Is it a Windows 8 thing? Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  8. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    As soon as I finished posting, a colour video signal image miraculously appeared through the Fire Wire connection. I guess it needed and hour or so to warm up. Does not make any sense, but it is apparently working.
  9. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    "Regular Roxio capture" meaning with the Roxio capture device and Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus program. I just tried using an NTSC tape with Fire Wire cable and tried capturing to Windows Movie Maker with no problems. I have a 4 pin to 4 pin cable. Everything works fine, as it should with all other tapes on both types of capture devices. My Problem is that with the PAL, I have in Option 1.- Roxio with PAL to NTSC converter- no Colour and Option 2. Windows Movie Maker with Fire wire - a scrambled video.
  10. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    Every thing works fine through regular Roxio capture with other tapes like VHS, 8mm, and mini DV. I am Only having a no colour issue with these PAL Mini DV's.
  11. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    Yes, the i-link is connected to both camera and computer. I am trying to use Roxio easy vhs to dvd 3 plus to capture the video. Through Roxio there is no signal. Through windows movie maker there is a signal but it is scrambled. WindowsMovieMaker is what pops up when i connect the i-link cable.
  12. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    Well, I purchased the i-link (Fire wire) cable and now I get a scrambled video signal. no image at all.
  13. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    The Sony DCR-HC30 ntsc camcorder can play both Pal And NTSC tapes. I Know the tapes are pal because it shows up in the top left of the LCD screen. The tapes belong to my brother in-law who recorded them in Europe with a pal camera.
  14. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    Thanks, I will go get an i-link and give it a try. I'll let you know how its goes.
  15. Pal Mini Dv To Ntsc

    I just tested it and The colour video signal on the TV does not with the Pal/NTSC converter but does work without the converter. Should I assume the converter is defective? Its brand new never been used until now. is there another way to do this?