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  1. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    A standard 4.3GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of highest quality video. No matter what the source format, all video for the DVD is converted to mpg format which is the DVD standard. There is no real advantage to first creating an mp4 file since it will be converted to mpg when the DVD is burned.
  2. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    How long in time is your project? Why did you create the mp4 files in Videowave? Why not directly to mpg format which is what a DVD requires? Exactly at what point to your get the error? Have you tried to first "burn" to an iso image file?
  3. What program do you have? We can then move your topic to the correct forum. Also a lot more information is required on what you want to do, what your are doing, what source you are using before anybody can really help.
  4. Custom Overlay For Videowave

    I don't understand your question. What do you mean by a "custom overlay"?
  5. Flickery Video

    So what video shows the flicker? I don't want to waste time watching all those videos.
  6. Flickery Video

    Is your setup the same as shown in the this link
  7. Dvd Burn Issue

    Have you tried to create a folder set or iso file as has been recommended earlier? You then play that with the VLC player. This will tell you if the problem is with the burning the DVD process. If the iso or folder set play correctly then the problem is probably with the burner. Did your short video work? What are your settings when you authour the DVD?
  8. Dvd Burn Issue

    I guess the "VIDEO_.VOB" that the poster listed is a typo VIDEO_TS.VOB file: the first-play Video Object of the DVD-Video disc, usually a copyright notice or a menu. It is part of Video Manager (VMG). This file is not required to be present on a DVD-compliant disc.
  9. Dvd Burn Issue

    The 3rd file in your list (VIDEO_.VOB 232KB) doesn't look right. Are you sure that is in the Video_TS folder? How long in time is your project? Less than 15 minutes from file listing
  10. Dvd Burn Issue

    Can you list the files that are contained in the Video_TS folder?
  11. Dvd To Memory Sticks

    Play them where? On a TV, on your computer? More information on exactly what you want to do
  12. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    "Google" is your friend Try "Interlaced video"
  13. Videowave Crashes In Roxio 2012

    What happens if you add them in different order?
  14. The capture device will not work without installing the software from the missing CD. The CD is not sold separately since it is useless without the capture device
  15. You need the CD to install the software. Without it, the capture card will never work. It seems that you were ripped off by the e-bay seller. Contact e-bay and tell them what happened. Perhaps they can help