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  1. I hope you are not burning to a DVD each time! Most of us first "burn" to a Video_TS folder or to an iso (image) file. If the burn is successful, they can be played with a software player like VLC. If you are happy then you can burn folder set or iso file to a DVD. This avoids creating a lot of DVD coasters. Is your final project only 28 minutes in length? If yes, why do you have 15 chapters? That would be less then 2 minutes between chapters.
  2. ISO Burn Issue

    I don't think you can create an "Audio only" DVD that can be played on a DVD player. You need some video to go with the audio, ie, you have to create proper video DVD. clanp has to give a lot more information on his project. How was the iso made, what is in the iso?
  3. SP2 will not install

    A google search seems to indicate that this so-called virus is only detected by Microsoft Defender. Microsoft states that it is related to the Cloud based Defender and is probably a false positive. It seems to prevent that installation of other programs as well not only Roxio
  4. SP2 will not install

    Because your virus protection program may be over-active and sees the update as a false positive.
  5. File size is not that important, it is the time length that matters most. In what format is that video? A standard 4.3 GB DVD can only hold about 60 minutes of best quality video. Reduce the bitrate until the video will fit on the DVD. If you have a menu then you will have to consider that also
  6. Horrendous Video Stuttering issue on Decent PC?

    I don't see any stuttering in the downloaded video. It is only DVD quality not HD Assuming you are using the same hardware/software on your 2 computers then the problem is with your "gaming" computer and not the capture hardware/software.
  7. Menu's Music Length

    Is there a question in your post? This is a 10 year old thread you resurrected
  8. NXT 6 cannot do the things you want. myDVD is useless for your purposes.
  9. Photoshow

    This is not Roxio support and nobody here works for Roxio. You have to contact them directly. Basically PhotoShow is dead and there has been no update etc. in years.
  10. email a photoshow stopped working.

    PhotoShow has not been updated in 3 or 4 years. It has several bugs that are not and will never be fixed. We have complained about them for years. It seems that there is no one at Corel familiar with the program. Basically it is an orphan but Corel keeps selling it and taking your money.
  11. I hope you are using Videowave to do your editing and not "Copy and Convert"
  12. How old is your "very old Roxio Creator" program, ie what version did your use? The basic edit operations in Videovaw NXT 5 have not changed in a long time. First of all, mute the native track. Have added the DVD video to the video tack in NXT 5 Videovawe? Do you have the narrative and music that you want to add?
  13. If you have the DVD video in Videowave then simply mute the native audio track. Add any "new" audio on the other available audio tracks. After rendering the new video you will no longer
  14. Nobody here recommends myDVD. It has been crippled with most useful features having been removed. It can only be used for the most simple projects. If you can revert back to the version that worked for you, I would recommend that. What was that version? If you can revert, you could try and get a refund on NXT 6
  15. You should have the tape playing several seconds before the part you want to capture and you should also start capturing earlier. It takes a few seconds before the actual capture starts after pressing the "Start" button I have been using the capture device several years and have never had the problem you are describing. The device always warms up when attached to the PC just like all other devices.
  16. What is the make/model of your camcorder?
  17. Forget about mp4. Change vob to mpg as cd asked
  18. What workaround are you using in NXT 6? I thought you said NXT 6 does not work Have you copied the Video_TS folder from the DVD to your hard drive? Never work directly from a DVD, it slow things down too much. You also have to have the DVD in the drive every time you work on the project.
  19. What did you use to convert from VHS to DVD? Did you create a proper video DVD which should have a Video_TS folder containing a series of ifo,bup and vob files. NXT 6 has no problems with properly created video DVDs and no further decoder pack is required If you don't have this then you have a data DVD and you will have to give more information about the files on that DVD. What does this mean: " I try and use the copy and covert (I am taking clips from home movies that I had coverted from VHS to DVD) it cashes OK, "? Why are you using Copy and Convert to edit your video? Why not use the video editor of NXT 6
  20. A place for Notes?

    What other apps?
  21. This is not the official roxio support but only a users forum
  22. So what program are you currently using? You posted in the C2012 program forum. Most old projects are not compatible with new versions of Roxio. Exactly what problems are you having? There is very little information in your post to offer any solutionj
  23. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    Roxio Virtual Drive is not the same as Roxio Burn. Where do you see "Roxio Virtual Drive"? To uninstall NXT 4, go to: Control Panel/Programs and Features and then select Roxio NXT 4 to uninstall it
  24. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    A standard 4.3GB DVD can only hold 60 minutes of highest quality video. No matter what the source format, all video for the DVD is converted to mpg format which is the DVD standard. There is no real advantage to first creating an mp4 file since it will be converted to mpg when the DVD is burned.
  25. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    How long in time is your project? Why did you create the mp4 files in Videowave? Why not directly to mpg format which is what a DVD requires? Exactly at what point to your get the error? Have you tried to first "burn" to an iso image file?