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    Basic Connections

    Got it figured out and made my first capture; thanks for your help!
  2. MikeInIdaho

    Basic Connections

    That's exactly what I see...
  3. MikeInIdaho

    Basic Connections

    Thanks,I'll do some further checking...so frustrating.
  4. MikeInIdaho

    Basic Connections

    Thanks, Jim; I checked the driver for the USB device and it shows as up-to-date. I've got the device connected to the VCR (S-video to S-video out port plus red/white audio cables in the audio-out ports), but I still get a "No signal" message on the Media Import screen. True when the VCR is powered up and no change once I press "Play". I don't know why I'm so dense about this...don't have this problem in other areas of my life!!
  5. MikeInIdaho

    Basic Connections

    I have a USB video capture dongle I purchased along with Creator 2009. I have now upgraded to Creator 2012 to video capture VHS tape to DVD. Is the dongle still usable with the new version? Do I need to update any drivers? Even more basically, I need to know if I must connect BOTH the S-video cable as well as the red and white cables to the VCR? Roxio instructions ("after you have made the necessary connection...")assume that you know what you're doing instead of being very specific. I need help!