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    Incompatible With Lacie Burner?

    I purchased a LaCie D2 FW-400 burner for my aged G4 Mini (OS 10.4.11). The drive came with Toast 7 Titanium, although I already have Toast 9 Titanium installed & working for a couple years now. When trying to burn a DVD, Toast crashes, every time. I have tried getting support from LaCie for months, they said I had to uninstall 9, install 7, then upgrade. (Bull crap, but I did it.) They finally said it was a Roxio problem & directed me to support to fix this problem. BTW, I've paid double for the drive, because I returned the first drive to the vendor (at my expense), only to have exactly the same problems with the replacement. Personally, I think LaCie support either don't know what they're talking about, or are too lazy to address their problem. Why would I think that? (Other than having spent a couple decades as a tech in complex systems of all types....) Because when I try to burn from iTunes to the LaCie drive, iTunes crashes also! (They haven't actually addressed that problem. I pointed that out to them AGAIN tonight, when posting my reply to them.) The drive will read disks, & burning from the Finder works OK. But on the off chance there IS a compatibility problem with Toast, I'm posting this query.
  2. Rici Rotten

    Incomplete Burn Toast V9 & V9.0.7

    This only happened with this one program, yet consistently. And it didn't terminate at one of the edit points, but right in the middle of a clip! Somehow, Toast decided to end the program at that odd point, even though I can go back to the file within Toast, & play the whole thing. BTW, I burned an unedited version of this to disk, it seems to be fine! Wow, quite a bit of hacking! I'll keep this in mind if the problem re-occurs! Thanks!
  3. Rici Rotten

    Incomplete Burn Toast V9 & V9.0.7

    Mac Mini 1.42GHz, OS 10.4.11, using an external DVD burner I have transferred many programs from TiVO to Mac, edited one or several per DVD, burned discs successfully. I have ONE program that plays fine on TiVO, as well as Toast Player, but when I attempt to burn an edited version to DVD, it plays 30 minutes 41 seconds of a 43:33 program & quits. Originally, I tried burning this & another edited one hour program to a single DVD, with same results on this ONE program. This "problem" file was originally 845.1 MB, the other program 933.5 MB; the edited versions display the correct time for this & the other program within Toast (prior to burning), & the etching on the final DVD shows it is NOT full (nor did the capacity gauge in Toast). My DVD player (through TV) does show that there's only 30:41 on that program. I've started fresh, made new edited versions for burning, the program always ends at the same point. Doesn't seem to matter if I use V9 to burn or v9.0.7. (I've wasted a stack of DVDs.) I've tried burning other edited programs since this, all seem to burn successfully, & I haven't encountered this before. It appears that Toast is reacting to this ONE program, every time, & no others. Anyone have this problem AND an answer to it? Thanks!