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  1. CD TEXT and PQ subcodes

    I am entering data in Toast's windows for Track and Disc, which places my text and numbers in the CD's P and Q subcode areas. Does anyone know of a way to print out that data? The record company I'm working for needs to see that I have entered all the ISRC's correctly.
  2. Data Files Appear According To Size - How Can I Change This?

    Hi, and thanks. It never occurred to me to click on the heading NAME, but that arranges the titles the way I want them to appear on the DVD! Maybe because I have a Mac? (Yes, I'm making a DVD of DATA files - recorded at 24 bits and 96 kHz.) MANY THANKS! I figured it had to be something simple!!!
  3. Data Files Appear According To Size - How Can I Change This?

    To clarify: I did not use a parenthesis. I listed the titles as follows 1) Prelude, 2) Intermezzo, 3) Toccata and so on. But I see that Toast rearranges the sequence based on the size of the files! If I click on the word size, the titles will be listed in ascending size or descending size. This fact is never mentioned anywhere that I can find! Does this mean there is no way to have the files listed in the order in which they should go (e.g., the movements of a sonata should appear in a specific order)? By the way, the first time I put the files in Toast, I did so without using numbers at all - I added the numbers hoping that would force them to appear in numerical order.
  4. I have six data files to burn to DVD. I have numbered them, one thru six. But when I put them in Toast Titanium 12 they appear in the window according to the SIZE of the files, NOT according to the NUMBER which appears ahead of the title, like this "1) Prelude". I have tried everything and can't overcome this problem. HELP!
  5. Version 11/version 12

    many thanks.
  6. Version 11/version 12

    I assume the same answer applies to those who are upgrading from titanium 10 to titanium 12.
  7. Audio Levels

    I have never used the Convert window. I converted the files to 16/44.1 using iZotope's batch processor. After the conversion, the files play at the proper level. I tried to use the Feedback link (https://selfserve.roxio.com/feedback/index.aspx?l=en), but I get a message saying the resource can't be found, and the following: I wonder why. Server Error in '/' Application.
  8. Audio Levels

    tsantee - The answer is that if I put a 24 bit, 96 kHz file in the Audio CD window, it plays about 6 to 10 dB louder than it should, but it appears that it does get automatically converted from 24/96 to 16/44.1. Did you know this?
  9. Audio Levels

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. No, I was not normalizing. Checking the custom crossfade window shows no clipping. Meanwhile, I have found the problem - it was my error.
  10. Audio Levels

    Isn't there any way to raise or lower the level of ALL the tracks? I find all my tracks are playing back too loud, I'd say at least 6 dB too loud! Hasn't anyone else noticed this? It is a pain to have to go in and set the gain of each track to minus 6!