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    I Need To Capture Hdmi Video While Capturing Rca Audio

    yes i probably should have gotten a splitter. i got turned off by them after reading reviews of most of them failing, overheating, having poor picture quality etc. im sure the passthrough is a splitter though anyway right lol. its too late for that now. i may just suck it up and buy Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition or Elgato Game Capture HD ​ ​but i def should havw got a splitter. stupid me. very stupid
  2. I saw one or two reviews of your HD PRO on youtube. I had to sell my hauppauge colossus hdpvr because it only had hdmi input and not hdmi output for a passthrough. My problem is I want to do video game recordings of the sega dreamcast. Most serious owners of the sega dreamcast have a VGA adapter like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUSgD6EE-bI VGA can easily be turned into a HDMI signal which allows the dreamcast to have 480p crisp picture quality over the default crappy composite cables that work but most of us are picky as its the only real way to compete with more modern consoles. I'm hoping you guys could make this option availbile through software? I saw in the capture software you can only choose one input which is for both audio and video. I need the option to pick different video and audio signals. I also used this feature with my PC video game recordings on the hauppauge collasus since it doesnt have a HDMI passthrough I was able to duplicate the video to both the tv and the capture card tricking it into the thinking the capture card was a second monitor. In windows you can only have one audio output at once so I used my audio interface to split the audio. Please make this feature available or ill have to look elsewhere. I will probably buy another capture card because of this.