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  1. Facebook And Roxio!

    in continuation from my previous post here, i forgot to say when i lookked at the page you showed me here, i saw export video file when i first uploaded my project to my computer, and i later got it to Youtube as well, and even then the Facebook option wasnt working. Now also my windows movie maker isnt working either but thats another story...lol and ive contacted them already, and i dont know if you use Windows movie maker or not but its great when it works. Anyway as i was i wasnt having any trouble with Roxio Photoshow after i paid them and my videos went well and i was able to export them to the Windows Media Import File, its just that now that option isnt showing up, and downloading the desktop version again isnt an option, because i dont want to lose the money ive paid already and risk being charged twice. Well anyway sir kindly let me know if you have any more suggestions, Corel has already let me know that they have downloading issues and im not sure they have any ready made solutions just yet.
  2. Facebook And Roxio!

    okay i will, but i wanted to say that i uploaded my first project form photoshow to my computer and from there i uploaded it to my YouTube page, and it went well, but this time it still isnt working, but i tried saving this latest project as a mp4 video as it says on the share page, and i think they said it takes a couple of days. I did this last thursday and i dont know if this will work because ive never done this before and i really am a newbie at this in every since of the word. Have you done this before? and what is a mp4 video ? and will it be saved in my computer file under photoshow?.Thanks for your help so far,sorry for the misspellings because i cant type very well.
  3. Facebook And Roxio!

    hello , digital guru, i will try your suggestion, i so far only saw one project that i had done and i was able to upload it to You tube, but this time im now having trouble getting my projects saved, it will say saving photoshow and a circle will show up, but nothing after that happens, and the Facebook problem is still happening too. I was able to contact Corel support and they gave me an explanation stating that they always have uploading and downloading issues with photoshow, and they gave me a solution that they said may work but usually doesnt.I dont know what to think now, ive been on Facebook and i got the attention of someone named Adam@ corel support, and he said to send a private message to Corel's inbox, so i did and they answered me but they claim the solution they gave me doesnt always work. They told me to download the desktop version again and see what happens, and ive done that but the problems are the same...lol..anyway i use anothe website called Smilebox.com and its similar to Roxio, but a little bit more limited, but ive made some interesting videos with them, its just that i can only use so many of their templates because the rest are for special occasions and birthdays....So with that being said, if you'd like maybe you'd like to see some of my videos on YouTube, you can find one of them by putting in Floor length hair '' and you'll see a african american girl with long hair! you cant miss me , i dont have a lot of competiton in this area!lol..if you cant find it just email me at (Deleted)
  4. Facebook And Roxio!

    excuse me but i didnt know i was ranting! .Ive been coming here posting complaints because i thought this where youre supposed to post your problems with Roxio, i didnt know that Corel has a customer service department where i could voice whats wrong with their service. Im new to this whole entire thing and where my money is concerned i dont like the idea of having technical problems before ive even learned what could go wrong in the first place. I tried calling them but you dont get a live person, instead you get a answering machine that tells you before they can offer any help you have to have a reference number of some sort before they will answer your question. Now i also wanted to say that i do have a wmv file and i tried to upload it from youtube but for some reason YouTube wasnt able to upload it and im not sure why yet. I also have Windows vista and i can only upload to Facebook form my computer file through Windows movie maker and unless its a movie maker project i cant do it.But last but not least im now having problems with Roxio saving my projects to my computer, it says saving movie ,but when i check my file i find it hasnt been saved at all, only one time ive been sucessful at this.Also there's one thing i have noticed about Roxio , they certainly rather we users come here than bother them with complaints as opposed to buying one of their products, ive learned that all too well already. I haven gone to Facebook to complain to them because again i didnt know i could, but i have a feeling it may not do any good.
  5. Facebook And Roxio!

    also too i tried to upload my photoshow creation from youTube and it couldnt do it! and i signed up with these people because they advertise that you canupload to youtube also with the premium service! and now in finding that i cant and i almost want my money back! unless these people show me how its done i want my money back immediately!
  6. Facebook And Roxio!

    i will be getting the premium subscription, so i hope to upload to youtube then! but as for facebook i do have a facebook account, but when i created my photoshow, it says i can post to facebook, it says "share my photoshow'' in grey letters so when i click on to this i waited a couple of minutes and nothign happened ! so i clicked on it again and i checked that even for a basic account i should be able to post to Facebook,) so i clicked on it again and i waited and nothing happened unless it takes maybe 15 minutes or so for the system to start downloading to Facebook? but all i know it stll hasnt done it and i dont want to wait all night and these people dont answer their phones at customer service unless you go online and i do have a corel account., and that doesnt matter at all. But i need to know am i not waiting long enough for the my photoshow to start posting to Facebook?
  7. Facebook And Roxio!

    hello digital guru for answering my post, but i have the free service for right now, and i dont know if i can post to facebook or not , it seems that it sets me up to do this but i dont really know, because its so hard to get good customer service with these people, and also what is photoshowv6 and does it cots a lot and does it come with the premium service? and also i thought with the with the free service for 30 days i can use the premium service also but it seems that i cant...anyway any light you can shed on my questions in this letter id gladly appreciate it. thanks so much.
  8. Facebook And Roxio!

    hello can anyone tell me why i cant seem to post my new slideshow to Facebook? ive been waiting although im new to roxio i have a free account although im going to switch to premium soon , i need to know why ive tried twice to sen my slideshow to Facebook and nothing happens, does it usually take a long time? and also why doesnt Roxio connect with YouTube and when are they going to?