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    Bundled Roxio 4 with XP

    Yes it looks like I would suspect. Disc will not read on any other system. Will not allow me to screenshot. DVD+RW, did not check readability (I know, dum-ba). Due to teenager trying to hide UHHH stuff lost some files and reloaded from disk. Now disc and files from hard drive are unreadable. Screen basicly looks like this. Select the encoding that makes your document readable. Text Encoding () Windows (Default) () MS-DOS () Other encoding (over here is list of languages ie...Korean,) Than window with weird symbols Thanks Lynne.
  2. John S

    Bundled Roxio 4 with XP

    Create DATA CD
  3. I created a DATA disc with Roxio 4, which was part of my bundled software with XP. Afterwards when trying to open any files on it I get this. File conversion and select encoding popup window. All of my DATA has some kind of encoding and I am in deep "you know what" Please help and send to