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  1. Roxio Creator 2011

    The registry was gone. I had a friend look at it and nothing could be recovered. I have an external drive that I did a back up back in February. I had my granddaughter bring over her Windows 10 laptop and we plugged in my external drive and everything came up! I still might have to start over on my project but I am happy enough that I will still have most of the info that was on my old hard drive. Again, thanks for all your advice. I really appreciate it.
  2. Roxio Creator 2011

    Well, I think my problem has been solved --- my computer just died and I lost everything. So I will have to definitely start over. Thanks to all who have tried to help me in this matter. I really appreciated all the advice.
  3. Roxio Creator 2011

    I was able to bring up a list of all dmsm files. Now what? There was no file describing my "missing file".
  4. Roxio Creator 2011

    I don't want to sound dumb, but how do I search for the dmsm file? I have looked through all my Document files and I don't see anything that says dmsm. My project is divided into 4 separate Chapters but they are all finalized in the one project to fit on one DVD. There is nothing resembling that in my Recycle Bin either.
  5. Roxio Creator 2011

    That's what I am thinking now --- I might have to redo the whole project. And it was a big one --- over 800 photos! It has taken me 2 months to get it all put together, including the background music. Can't still understand why I finished 3 recent projects and had no problem and with this one I'm having a problem. Guess it is all this computer tech stuff Thanks for the feedback and your suggestions.
  6. Roxio Creator 2011

    I am attaching the screens that come up when I go through the process. It is just looking like there is no way to get around this error. Roxio project error screens.pdf
  7. Roxio Creator 2011

    There is a button that says "GO TO ERROR". When I click on that button, it takes me to page where there is no project. I know my project is in my files because I can click on it otherwise and it comes up. It is just not letting me burn the project to a disc. I have tried editing the title of my project, and still it will not let me burn it. When I try to VALIDATE the project, the MISSING IN PRODUCTION FILE keeps coming up. The validation box tries to come up but it keeps getting blocked by the error message. I am able to play/preview this project without any problems. It just won't let me burn it to disc.
  8. Roxio Creator 2011

    I have made several DVDs using the Roxio Creator 2011. I have had no problems up until now. I finished my project and was going to burn it to a disc when I keep getting the message "MISSING PRODUCTION IN TITLE". When I click on the option to VALIDATE PROJECT, that is when I get the missing in production title message. It won't allow me to burn my project. And there is no help on how to rectify this issue. Anyone with any ideas on this??? What would be causing this error to come up when I definitely have named my project? lindylynn67
  9. Unlinked Buttons

    Upon opening my project that I recently completed, a Project validation page comes up and says: "Your project contains the following problems." Then there is a list stating for each chapter on my project:" Unlinked button." When I go to the Project View area, my menu is listed with the text I have for all my chapters. There is also another menu below that one, entitled: "Unlinked Items". In the submenus, just the word "slideshow" is listed for all my chapters. I have tried renaming the slideshows but the renamed titles keep reverting back to "slideshow". In the Preview Area where my menu lists my chapters, when I click on one of the chapters, nothing happens. I tried burning my project but when I go to click on the menu buttons for various chapters, nothing happens. How do I link my menu buttons to the corresponding slideshows? I tried one of the past suggestions on this website namely: in the DVD Menu and there is no option for "Add-New unlinked button". Also, when I tried to put a thumbnail image to correspond to a particular slideshow, the menu with the option is in a shaded gray area and I can't click on the option to add a thumbnail. How can I get the menu to expose this option for me to click on? I'm also attaching a copy of the screen that comes up when I open my project.   My operating system is Windows XP. I am using the Roxio Creater Premier to create DVDs. Suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. lindylynn Roxio Error.doc