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    File Size - Issues And Problems?

    I have been using VHS to DVD 3 for a few months now since upgrading the computer hardware i had and editing wedding videos ect. now, i had someone ask me if i could take a VHS video which she took of her daughter growing up and put it on the DVD for her as she is now expecting (20 year tape) when playing it the Video was LP (long play) so 3 hour tape was 6 hours in the end. so i let it run for the day...when i came back the tape had stopped and no file saved? i checked it a couple of times over the 6 hours and all looked fine. i did a system search for any new files around the date and time and found nothing. Now my drive is a NTFS format...would file size cause a problem? i have heard that NTFS can only take between 4 - 7gb files. Ohh, the files will be edited in to episodes after downloading and placed on to a few DVD's Regards Jamie