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  1. When I changed the file from .vob to .mp4 it didn't recognize the file.
  2. THe workaround I described is what I am doing in NXT6, as I stated earlier I could do it directly from DVD with NXT4. I'll try copying the Video_ts folder to the hard drive first with out using copy convert and see if I can get to the chapters. Thanks I'll try that. I copied the whole Video_TS folder to the harddrive, and then tried to trim the chapter that contained the clip I wanted with Copy and Covert, but I got the same decoder pack message, apparently Copy and Covert has trouble trimming a .vob file. If I first covert the whole file to MP2 or 4 then I can trim it.
  3. I was able to do it in RoxioNXT4 using "Copy and Convert", when I upgraded to RoxioNXT6 and tried the same thing I got the error message sited in the initial question, I have since found a work around by doing the process I outlined above.
  4. sknis - I appreciate the comment, but my issue is I already have the DVDs of our home movies, I had a service generate them. I am now trying to extract scenes from those DVDs to use in a videowave production. What I am having to do at this point is to save the chapter from the dvd that contains my clip to my computer using copy convert, renaming it, then selecting that file off my computer with copy convert and then trimming it and saving it back to my computer. When I was using RoxioNXT4 I was just able to trim the video clip directly from the DVD and save it to my computer. Do you have any suggestions that address my current issue?
  5. Yes they are Video_TS folder, in fact I am able to import the entire file into videowave no problem, it's just too big to trim, so I was trying to use copy and convert as a way to extract clips. Which is what I've done with NXT4 and it worked perfectly. The Copy and convert brings the entire DVD or any chapter in just fine, it's only when I try and use the trim function that I get this CPDC.imi message. I am building a pretty large production and trying to incorporate a number of home movie clips. I have found that if I take the DVDs that I have had made from our old 8mm, vhs, video8 media and take out and save the clips I want rather than dropping in the whole 4+GB dvd in the production, videowave is more stable. Are you suggesting that I start a new production in videowave to create the clip? Can I save that as an MP4 or some type file I can pull into the larger production?
  6. I recently upgraded to NXT6 from NXT4, due to continued difficulty with NXT4 crashing, which Corel support said was a conflict with Window 10. Anyway NXT6 seem to have loaded OK and the videowave works good. However when I try and use the copy and covert (I am taking clips from home movies that I had coverted from VHS to DVD) it cashes OK, but when I try and trim it tells me it needs the decoder pack disc, I have tried to point it at the folder I downloaded, I have copied it to a flash drive and pointed it there, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone run into this and solved it? I have a ticket in with Corel Support, but it takes forever to get an answer and I am running up on a deadline for this project. Any help would be appreciated
  7. Coming To Nxt 4 From Nxt 2 Due To Windows 10

    What a sad comment, don't they know if it ain't broke don't fix it????
  8. Coming To Nxt 4 From Nxt 2 Due To Windows 10

    To answer the first question, using NXT 2 in Windows 10 seemed OK until I tried to add music to the production, and after I fiddled with that for awhile I used score fitter (for the first time I might add) and got music. Then I couldn't get it to compile the project when I tried to create the iso file, or burn directly to the disc. So went on to the Roxio Support page and chatted there, and they told me that I would need to buy 4, because 2 wasn't compatible with Windows 10. Since I was in a hurry I bought the download of 4. I presume you all have asked that they provide a patch to provide this functionality?
  9. I am hoping to stand on the shoulders of you giants, who have been using this version for awhile. I use the Creator product to compile my underwater photos and videos into a "trip montage" set to music. In the earlier versions I would do all of the major organizing, editing, trimming videos, and labeling in Videowave and get the project to about 80 -90% complete. Then I would transfer the project to MyDVD where I would do the final touches. As I expect you all remember, you could edit the transferred file in MyDVD just like it was in Videowave, view the timeline and insert delete, trim whatever you needed to do to finalize. Additionally, you had full freedom to create a menu on your own, I would build a "movie trailer" set to a song I selected, which would play on a loop until you started the feature. I now have Creator NXT4, since Creator NXT Pro 2 wasn't compatible with Windows 10, and I am having trouble understanding how it's designed to work? You can transfer from Videowave to MyDVD, but once transferred, I can't seem to find how you can edit anything in the transferred file. Am I missing something? As for the menus, they have a lot of nice pre-programmed backgrounds, but I don't see how I can make my "trailer" and have it be the menu background. Again, has anybody figured this out, or am I locked into their choices? Thanks in advance, Steve
  10. Videowave Freezes

    Also just for additional puzzlement, I am able to preview and burn the DVD project that the program hangs up on when I try to edit it.
  11. Videowave Freezes

    Thanks for the input. I can use it in the future. I'm not sure how it helps me resolve what I am currently experiencing. I had a suggestion to use Video Wave directly to see if that might resolve my issue, but since I can't open the project there, I'm back to square one. As for the reason for the 2 min loop, I use it like a preview of the main feature, these are similar photos and videos that the viewer will see in the main feature, but very condensed. Like a move trailer that you get when you view a MGM DVD. Also, I find that it's nice to have a little longer loop for those times when you put the DVD in and have to wait for everyone to settle in. These are predominately DVDs of our scuba diving trips, so those that get them enjoy the lead in as well as the feature.
  12. Videowave Freezes

    The file is a *.DMSD, I can't seem to open it in Video Wave directly. This movie is a 39 min compilation of photos and video clips set to music. It doesn't have any transitions, but does have a number of color panels and test on some of the photos and videos. The file also has a 2 min "background loop" which is another set of photos and videos set to music and title test. I have not tried any others, since it quite an ordeal to establish all of the photo, video and music links again, since they are all on a different drive that Roxio expects. The one file I built from scratch in NXT PRO was created in MyDVD and is a *.DMSD just like all of the others I have created in the past in Creator 10. The real early ones are *.DMSM (the version of Roxio I had before Creator 10)but I haven't tried anything with them. Hope this helps
  13. Videowave Freezes

    OK I opened the project in MyDVD went to tools and selected clear on the proxy files line. I went to the preview and played the "background loop" and then selected the main movie and it plays in preview just fine. However, when I select the movie and then press edit movie button, that is when it freezes. Which is essentially what it has been doing prior to deleting the proxy files. Any thoughts?
  14. Videowave Freezes

    They are all on the C drive (the solid state drive) while all the data is on the D drive. Do they need to be the same? Should I redirect all of these to the D drive?
  15. Videowave Freezes

    I have NXT installed on the C drive which is the solid state drive where I have installed all of my program files. The videos, photos, music and resultant project files are on the D drive. What I mean by rebuild, is that I started from scratch and built the same project I imported from Creator 10 in NXT and had the same issue upon trying to open it after I save it.