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    Easy Cd Creator 5 Backup Discs

    Well.. I now have another problem.. the DVD drive in this PC does not work - it won't allow me into anything I was into last week! Thank you for your help. I will have to send this back in with hubby , then continue to try and solve my CD issue.
  2. Marleo

    Easy Cd Creator 5 Backup Discs

    Hi, This PC I am using is Windows XP Professional same as my old one. Duh... so it might be possible to copy the files from the CDs to this computer? I honestly never gave that a thought. Because of the amount there are 4 in succession, do I start with #1 and just put them in until I get to the fourth and then copy? I will try that. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I need some help. Some year ago I had Easy CD Creator 5 on my PC. The motherboard on that PC blew and I acquired one that my husband works from home on. Dumb me threw out all the old software from the now defunct computer and I would like to move the files on the CDs to a flash drive. Is there a Roxio new software that will allow me to do this? I don't need the software to backup as I use flash drive for everything. I just want to be able to move it from the CD to flash drive. Thanks All. Marie