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    Music And Slideshows

    Digital Guru: Thanks very kindly for the suggestion and it worked. In reference to your questions. 1: am using videwave 2: was inserting a narration for 5 secs It all works now. Thanks again.
  2. rdpmnathan

    Music And Slideshows

    New to using this software. Have a simple question. Trying to create a slide show with introductory music first for 5 seconds and then for the photos to show up. But when I add the first photo it starts at time 0 on the time line. Unable to move it to start showing up at time 10 secs. Is my only option to create a white or black background dummy photo and insert it and let it play for 10 secs before the real photos are brought in? Thanks for the help
  3. rdpmnathan

    File Size In Video Capture

    Digital Guru: Thanks for the reply. Got it. Yes they were in MPG format. Currently just transferring videos on tape to disk, for later editing and burning on to blu ray discs
  4. rdpmnathan

    File Size In Video Capture

    Until yesterday I used to use Roxio VHS to DVd software with the capture device. In this combination, to capture the video content in a 2 hour video 8 tape and store for later editing and burning to disc would take 6 to 8 gigs. Today I was using Creator NXt to do the same. Now the same 2 hour video 8 tape to capure the video content and store takes 20 gigs. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong. Thanks