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  1. what would you suggest I save it in. In order to be able to play it on both wide screen or other?
  2. In my older creator programs when in video wave I always used 4:3 format and I would be able to play in on 4:3 or wide, but with Creator NXT4 if you use 4:3, that's what you get. After I finish editing video I save as a video file for a DVD and burn it in my older program. I know there is something I am doing wrong in this new program.
  3. I have a problem with shacky photos. I have NXT Pro2 and started my slideshow and sent it to videowave. When I clicked Fit Music to video, it said I had 15 minutes of video and 19 minures of music. would this have anything to do with shacky and would size of photos have anything to do with this?