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  1. Q: External DVD Writer (Samsung, Model SE-208 AB, hooked to >> 2 USB ports) - Which earliest Version of Easy CD Creator may 'SUPPORT DVD WRITING' ? ========================================= 1 I have been using Easy CD Creator, version (May 2003 release) on a HP desktop computer, haing Win-XP / SP2 O/S and am extremely happy with this software. Up to now, I have used it to burn data / audio CDs 2 Becuase internal DVD writer with IDE interface are not available, I had to buy an External DVD writer (Samsung, Model: SE-208 AB) 3 The drive is detected was detected by O/S and get listed in Easy CD Creator's 'Data DVD Project'. However, in Tools >>> CD Drive Properties >>> next GUI, For Supported Media only CD-R, CD-RW and CD-RW (High speed) are displayed 4 For Data/DVD (2nd item at bottom) >>> CD Project Properties, I changed the File System from UDF >> to >> Joliet. However, for Physical Format, Only Mode 1: CDROM gets listed. Mode 2: CDROMXA is greyed out 5 After adding files to be burned on a blank DVD disk, when I press Record (Red button), an error message pops up: No Supprted DVD-Recorders were Detected on your system It seems that the version 5-3-5-10 does not have codes for writing DVD disks (most probably, even the internal IDE type one). I burned a data CD-R disk on this external USB-hooked DVD writer and there were no errors. Any suggestion as to what I should do ? Which lowest version of Easy CD Creator (e.g.: 6 ot 7), may work as a DVD writer ? The newer version of Roxio Creator are too complicated and too big for me Thanks Sudhir Nov 26, 2013