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  1. Is there a trial version of this new nxt 6 & if so, where can it be gotten?? I'm real careful now because version 5 was a disaster & i'm not buying too quickly!!
  2. adding email address

  3. Mr Curley

    Very Disappointed In Your Products

    My address should be in my profile page.
  4. Mr Curley

    Very Disappointed In Your Products

    Welcome to the club my good man. I started using this program over 20 yrs ago when it was called "easy media creator" version 3. They had an excellent tech support staff & were easy to contact. Since then this software has changed hands a few times & now this new Corel is harder than ever to get help from! Lately all new upgrades have been geared to cell phone usage & core fixes have been ignored in favor of the quick dollars! I've also tried the Nero burning software but it doesnt have the videowave software that this one has. When you upgrade to the pro versions you'll only be adding possibly one new feature you'll use probably on occasions. I'd like to try out this new nxt 5 but corel allows no trials of this. If you find a comparable software plz let me know because sooner or later roxio will be removed from further development(s).
  5. Not quite understanding the "picnic" phase beyond it's normal meaning! Surely we're not being sarcastic! A self made man being sarcastic??
  6. Revo was tried in 2012 back when I used creator version 12 & it did nothing then except cause me to re-install the product too many times & I therefore upgraded to version creator nxt & had problems with that, so I again upgraded to nxt 2 and now having problems with it, so last month I used revo to do precisely what you suggested here & yet now the installs have stopped!! Thanks for nothing!
  7. A predisposition to not making it work so it doesn't. Now how idiotic is that statement?? And for your info, I have once completely uninstalled my antivirus software before also re-installing creator using msconfig to stop everything and also reinstalled using safemode once. Nothing better happened! I do must admit however that you have me intrigued with these "extras"?? I thought the extras came in the contents which are also on disk?? I'm using nxt2 which is only (1) disk. There is no contents disk!
  8. Well first let us examine the subjects & facts issue! Yes the problem still exists! Yes, I've downloaded & installed the msxml file three different times & rebooted! Yes, I did a repair of the software & rebooted! Yes, I've done all this fine tuning to the software & nothing has helped!....Now let us address my sarcastic, editorial comments! Sure I am frustrated that I spent about a week downloading & following suggestions from someone (you), that appears to only be guessing as to a proper fix! In my honest opinion I don't think that you really have a clue as to what you talk about concerning certain aspects of Roxio Creator! And now since I've made these statements, I'm almost certain that no further help Is forthcoming from you nor anyone else in this forum & at this point I really don't care! Now let us stick to the subject & facts now! Goodbye & Good Luck!
  9. This will not make all ok. Wrong!
  10. Forget it........No hep is forthcoming in here!!
  11. Didn't work & there is never any help here! Hard site to use!
  12. I need someone that can tell me how to show the transitions in creator nxt 2 video wave ?? How does one see transitions instead of question marks??