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    Cannot Access Easywrite[Mt.rainier] Files On Windows 7

    Brendon, you are a genius. CD Roller worked perfectly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It also recovers files from hard drives so I have a couple I am going to try it out on. But to get these pictures recovered means the world to me. Happy New Year to you and may it be prosperous and bring you much peace.
  2. campingshadow

    Cannot Access Easywrite[Mt.rainier] Files On Windows 7

    Thank you so much for the replies and suggestions. I will be trying all of them. It is very frustrating to not be able to open a disc and see what is on it. All I see are the two files. I considered taking the CD's to one of those companies that recover files. But I will try your suggestions first and let you know how I make out. At least you have given me a direction to go in and if I do not have any luck I will try taking the discs to someone who is still running XP. Maybe they can get the software to work.
  3. I am in desperate need of help. My father burned some files to two CD's years ago using some version (?) of Roxio CD Creater or Easy Write or whatever (around 2004). He and his computer are gone now so I cannot check it, and I want to open these files. They contain many family pictures that I cannot replace. When I open the CD's I get the following two files......autorun.ini (which only brings up notepad text) and mrfinst.exe. Then I get a popup that says DVD RW Drive (D) EW_Reader and directs me to Run MRFinst.exe. Running mrfinst.exe brings up the following dialog...."The CD_RW disc you inserted was formatted with EasyWrite. To read this disc, you must install a special driver. This wizard will guide you thru the process. Unstall Reader Now? " I click on YES The wizard runs and it says my Easy Reader is up to date. Now here is the glitch. I am running Windows 7. Control panel says Easy Write Reader is installed. I cannot find it anywhere on the computer and a search of Windows Exporer brings up nothing. I am at a loss.....how do I go about accessing these files? There is nothing on the disc that will tell me what Roxio program created them, nor what files are on the disc. However, It does show in properties that the disc is full and I know there are a great deal of valuble pictures on there. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to go about retrieving them? Please? You help would be tremendously appreciated.