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    Videowave Stabilization Settings Don't Appear

    I went back and looked at the tutorial (which is where I got the image from) and it appears that the author scrolls the timeline down right before he double clicks the Stabilize Video in the timeline which is why you don't see the video track selected, but it is selected. I went back and double checked what I am doing and I definitely have it selected as it has a blue dot. That is what you mean correct? It sounds like Jim is confirming that it doesn't work in NXT Pro 2. I guess maybe a call to support is in order if no one happens to know the answer. Other than the NXT Pro 2 I only have 2009 & 2010 which didn't have the stabilization feature I don't believe.
  2. Dave Kamm

    Videowave Stabilization Settings Don't Appear

    sknis, thanks for your reply. The link you provided was the tutorial that I watched. I will attach a screen shot of the window that I don't get when I double click on the stabilization in the timeline. As far as the rest of your points 1,2, &3 I understand and have done. 4 I am running at 1920x1080 so I would assume that is plenty. 5 I am not real clear about what you mean by "make sure that the video clip section is selected" but I think I have done that. When I choose stabilize to begin with I see the FX1 track appear and also see an orange section appear under the preview image pane which I can then adjust to the whole image or just part of it. But no matter what I do, when I double click on the stabilization track in the timeline like is done in the tutorial I get no settings window (see attached file for what should happen according to the tutorial) Note the position of the hand mouse pointer is where I am double clicking. I also have tried uninstalling all the Roxio programs as I did have 2010 installed originally. Then I re-installed just the NXT Pro 2 version and tried again with the same results. I also tried a 4:3 production just out of curiosity. Any other ideas?
  3. Hi all, I have worked with Videowave before but not in depth. I am just now starting to work with a number of home videos. I noticed that in the latest version, NXT Pro 2, that stabilization and rotation were available so I upgraded from the 2010 version. In any tutorial I find it clearly tells me how to add the stabilization and then double click on the "stabilize video" in the timeline to get to the settings. So, when I do that I get nothing. Not sure if this is related, but if I close the Media selector, Effect selector, and Settings in the top right portion of the Videowave window and then double click the "stabilize video" in the timeline the settings window appears but says "There are no settings available for this object." In the tutorials the settings show up in a totally separate window like what happens if you double click on the video in the timeline. I saw in online help under stabilization: "Note: Depending on the software version you are running, some of the features described above may not be available. For information about upgrading to take full advantage of all the features described in the online Help" but I assume the newest pro version would have this feature. It is a 16:9 production, not 3D. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thank you in advance!!!