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  1. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    Well it looks like I have a partial success, that I want to share in case it is of any help to anyone else .... In NXT2 I had fully rendered MP4 files of my project, so in NXT4 using the plug in, I started to create a Blu Ray, using their standard templates, but my own background and Roxio's non changeable font and non changeable colours, boring but perhaps Rixio might learn one day that when you upgrade you want improvements, not backwards steps. Anyway, I then imported my fully rendered NXT2 MP4, and was able to burn the BluRay with all of my original animated opening titles, transitions and stability. So, I'm a 99% happy person. Thankyou so much to everyone who have offered solutions for me here, I only wish that Roxio themself would reply to E-mails, but that's another moan for another day. Thankyou all
  2. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    So, and I'm getting confused and probably upsetting the Digital Gurus on here, sorry ... 1. If I re-install NXT2 on my PC and run as Windows 7, can I leave NXT4 on the PC running as Windows 10, so are you 'allowed' to have two versions of NXT on one PC and choose which one you want to use, even if I set up a new user account? 2. The projects from NXT2 are saved not as .ISO files, but as a fully rendered MP4 file, so should this work using this in NXT4 to burn as the fully functional NXT2 version? Sorry I'm being a thicko but I am at a loss and gradually getting annoyed at Microsoft for this Windows 10 annoyance and Roxio as a company for seeming to become like Apple where you have to continually upgrade in order to use a system that you've previously paid a lot of money for.
  3. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    Ah, that is sad news, as when reading Roxio's info etc, it said that you should complete projects in your old version before using them in your new one. To me, this meant that I got my project ready to burn, which I did in the old version, rather like editing a photo in old software in the way you want as you may not be able to edit it this way in the new, but you would be able to print it in the new version as per the old but not make changes to it. I couldn't go any further in NXT2 after completing the project, it was ready to burn, so by putting this into NXT4, I would have expected to be able to burn like for like, but not to edit. Hope that makes sense. So basically what is being said is that all older projects I have are defunct and I can never burn them again and have to start from scratch? If so, not happy at all. Can anyone confirm though please, if they have used NXT3 and successfully transferred projects to NXT3 and have been able to burn like for like with an editable main menu, copy my transitions and stabilisations over? If not to my above question, has anyone any ideas how I can burn an NXT2 project successfully onto BluRay? The project that I have spent many hours on is important family memories, and is very precious to me?
  4. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    One quick question, and I realise that no one can see into the future ... If I use the 30 day money back guarentee for 4, and purchase 3, which will give me the functions I had in 2 (in 4 btw, all of the transitions and animated titles before each film, and stabilisation I had done in 2 did not copy) hopefully. However, at some point I would probably have to upgrade to 4 or a newer version when 3 becomes obsolete, and be back to square one, so ..... Does Roxio give any guarentees on how long a version of NXT will last, especially as Microsoft have said Windows 10 is their last version and will just continually update it?
  5. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    Sorry about the question being there 3 times, I kept getting an error telling me to try again, and when I did twice, the question appeared 3 times, so sorry, I tried to delete 2 of them, but couldn't see how to. I'm so grateful for the expert advice I am being given, the last thing I want to do is upset the experts. Sorry again
  6. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    I've just upgraded from NXT pro 2 to NXT pro4, and have tried to create a DVD menu. I no longer am able to resize the chapter names, or add a second line saying something 'click here'. Also with the older version I could have animated menus but can't now. Does NXT 3 give me the functions I had in 2 and compatible with Windows 10?
  7. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    Thankyou. I will buy the plug in, it's very cheap, so job problems with that. As for our question about NXT2, yes it worked once with Windows 10 about 3 months ago, and now as you correctly said, it has failed. But at least that part, thanks to you, has answered my frustration.
  8. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    Ah, Thankyou, as I was waiting for a reply, I saw that I had a discount code from Roxio to upgrade to NXT4 pro, so have downloaded this and fingers crossed. Must admit, I didn't realise that I last purchased an NXT in 2012, whoops! Not as up to date as. thought. Will post again if I have success - hopefully not to say that I haven't.
  9. Mydvd Keeps Crashing

    Hi, I am using Creator NXT pro 2 with Windows 10 64gb. I can create movies in video wave, no problem, but when I go MyDVD to burn the movies to create a BluRay disc, when it gets to the encoding movies stage, it hangs it cashes or hangs. I have tried this 14 times now and sometimes it gets to 7% before this happens. I tried encoding the movies first. Same problem. I re-installed the software. Same problem. I then created a new user, so nothing conflicted with the software. Same problem. I am now at a total loss, please can anyone help?
  10. Blu Ray Burning

    Hi m8y, As you have been so helpful to me, thought you may like to see the E-mail and reply I had from Roxio before taking up so much of your time. I will close this thread shortly. Note where I put the issue details. Durrrhhh! My question to Roxio: Selected Reasons: Technical support - I have a problem using the product. Shopper Comments: Hi, I have Roxio Creator NXT. Can you please tell me how to burn a Roxio production video file onto Blu Ray, as I am just getting the DVD option. My PC has a Blu Ray burner. Do I need a plug in or a different version of Roxio Creator? That question was on the Technical part of Roxio site, their reply was ... Thank you for contacting the online store. We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with technical support issues at the online store. Please contact technical support at: URL: http://roxio.com/support Sincerely, Jolly Grace B. online store Customer Service
  11. Blu Ray Burning

    I assume you are in the US, as here in the UK, all companies that offer downloads give the guarantee as part of our Sale Of Goods act, even if the software has been opened and downloaded. A lot of companies went mad when that was brought in, as people would copy the disc etc return for a refund and put the copies on a ebay - hence E-bay changing their rules. I've just bought the NXT2 pro, so once other bits are finished on the PC, I will download. Thankyou for being so helpful during my frustration.
  12. Blu Ray Burning

    Thankyou for all your help. I have tried all of the phone numbers you have said, without success of speaking to someone. Am going to buy NXT2 pro online, and hopefully from a different computer seller to Roxio. If I hadn't used Roxio for so long and have so much saved in Roxio, I'd get different software from a company that has customer services that speak to you. Thankyou again for trying for me.
  13. Blu Ray Burning

    Lol. That's exactly what I want to do - ask Roxio! But Roxio don't want to know. The Roxio sales team E-mailed me and said it was a technical question with a link. The link took me to Technical support which didn't answer my question in their FAQ, so the other option was to pay $25 to speak on the phone to them! Rip off when I want to purchase something from them and have been using various versions of a Roxio since 2005! Think I will just but the NXT2 pro and hope for the best.
  14. Blu Ray Burning

    Thankyou for the reply. I am in the UK, and no joy getting through on the UK or US number. Arrrggghhhh. All I wanted to know was if there is a plug in for NXT, or do I need to buy NXT2 or NXT2 pro. You are being really helpful to me, but the Roxio customer services basically stinks as far as I'm concerned