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  1. hey guys im streaming to youtube from my gamecapture and it keep freezing!! anybody knows how to fix this?!?
  2. A Weird Bug I Have With Roxio

    yes until i turn off my computer and than turn it back on no more sound
  3. A Weird Bug I Have With Roxio

    the sound should work when turning the computer back on
  4. A Weird Bug I Have With Roxio

    so, im recording GAMING COMPUTER with another RECORDING COMPUTER so i have two computers running and this is my setup. for the box "hdmi to vga with sound" i use this product i have two of those. so my bug goes like this: everything works FINE recording goes well but when i turn off my computers the product above doesn't send sound to my headphones anymore. so what i do is replace this product with another one i have and everything works again. But when i turn off computer again the sound again dead and i have to take the first product and replace between them. any idea why it happens?! please help.
  5. Record Micrphone

    i use 2 computers setup it very complicated i have 2 micrphone in 2 computers so one of them is recording
  6. Record Micrphone

    i fixed it myself thanks anyway ..
  7. Record Micrphone

    hello guys i have problem recording micrpohne from the roxio game capture. i use 1 computer for gaming and 1 computer for capturing. help please.
  8. It will not work because the roxio game capture get his audio from the hdmi cable only.
  9. how can i split the sound that will go to my headphones and my roxio game capture?
  10. i record pc with another pc. computer sound can go only in one direction: 1) to roxio game capture 2) my headphones my computer sees roxio game capture as a speaker device i dont know why
  11. i added a english version so it will be easier listen this is my problem. if i make ROXIO GAME CAPTURE as my primary sound speakers i will hear the sound in the video recorded by game capture but i will not hear it in my headphones while playing. if i make my HEADPHONES as my primary sound speakers i will not hear any sound in the video recorded by game capture. you understand?
  12. the picture in hebrew but as you can see that my computer sees my roxio game capture card as a speakers device named "DEMO TDA19978-1" I think this is a driver problem that can be fixed. I am running windows 8.1 64bit. please help.
  13. Roxio Rendering Format.

    any help please
  14. Roxio Rendering Format.

    YES. my question is how i do it?!
  15. Roxio Rendering Format.

    right now i can choose output format to be MP4 but as you said, it renders it after each capture and that no good for me. because my computer is slow i wanna render M2TS to MP4 manually and not by the software after each record.