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  1. Won't Recognize Dvd

    By the way: inexplicably, subsequent to installing the Px engine you identified, the "Easy VHS to DVD has stopped working" error I had been getting on closing has disappeared!
  2. Won't Recognize Dvd

    Continuing: followed link in #7 above and followed instructions to the "'T'" (even the "/pxhelponvista" even though I've got Windows 7). As on several other occasions, there were a couple seconds after the disk spun up and back down where the program appeared to "see" the disk, but then the "Please insert..." instruction popped back up and remained.
  3. Won't Recognize Dvd

    OK -- sorry to be confusing anyone else -- I'm confused enough as it is. As to version, in the process of doing one of my several uninstall/reinstalls, I noted the disk itself says 3 Plus, even though the Plus doesn't show up in the splash screen. However, looking for it, I see it is present on the top of the window. I've also reached out to Roxio/Corel -- their support person thought there might be some sort of software conflict at work, and had me create a new user account with Admin privs, and run from there. Same outcome! When I referred to the "Sonic Px Engine," that's the one I downloaded from the (PX Engine Description and Download) site you identified in your 7:01 AM post yesterday -- it shows "Sonic" during the installation process.
  4. Won't Recognize Dvd

    Supplemental: On rare occasions (maybe every 10th time or so), the program "sees" the disk for a couple seconds after I close the drive drawer, but then reverts to "Please insert ...".
  5. Won't Recognize Dvd

    To:cdanteek: Alas -- no change. Installed the Sonic Px Engine, and restarted computer. Easy VHS to DVD 3 still not recognizing presence of a blank DVD in the drive. I saw another thread (attention: sknis and Jim_Hardin) about a good price ($19.95) to upgrade to the Plus version. I'd consider doing that if I could be confident it would see the disk!
  6. Won't Recognize Dvd

    To ogdens: as I went looking for the link, I see it's for the 3 Plus version, explaining why it did nothing for me. Here it is, though, in case you can use it: https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/215877318-Driver-for-Easy-VHS-to-DVD-3-Plus-device To cdanteek: Thanks, will do and report. BTW, same result with DVD +R.
  7. Won't Recognize Dvd

    Different member, same issue: Although I have previously been able to create DVDs from VHS tapes on this computer using the same media, today, for whatever reason, the program fails to recognize the presence of a blank disk in the drive. Specifics: computer: Toshiba Satellite; OS: windows 7 Pro 64-bit; software: Easy VHS to DVD3 (with any/all updates); media: Imation 4.7 GB 16x; drive: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SU-208GB SCSI CdROM Device. Cleaned drive. Successfully recorded data files (1 @ PDF, DOC, MP3, JPG). Downloaded and installed latest 64-bit driver from Roxio site. Still "Please insert ..." Thoughts? Additional data needed?
  8. OK -- I realize I hadn't followed the procedure exactly the other times. Just did so now with the tape I had most recently had the problem with, and it came out fine. Just goes to prove (sort of): RTFQ! Thanks again!
  9. And here I thought I was done! After successfully transferring the contents of five tapes to DVD discs -- two to Kodal DLs; the other three to Imation single layer, each time having checked to be sure 720x480 showed in the Computer Advanced settings, I suddenly had one, going to a single-layer disc, revert to the PAL 720x576 setting. Put in a fresh disc, reverified settings showed 720x480, burned: 720x576! Checked to see what was considered "Default" -- PAL! Un- and reinstalled software, being sure to select "English." Default still comes up PAL. Looked in Registry -- saw a couple of tempting data, but nothing I was certain of being the right thing. I've sent an e-mail to Roxio support, but I'm not holding my breath! Any more thoughts?
  10. Uncross 'em! I now have a working DL disc in my player! But, interestingly, when I first went to the advanced computer setting section, it already showed 720 x 480, and NTSC. So, don't know how that happened, but the end result was: no more "Playback prohibited...!" Thank you very much -- your "Digital Guru" title is well deserved! As you may have inferred from my handle, I live in San Diego, so if you're ever in this part of the country, I'd enjoy the opportunity to thank you in person -- maybe even buy you a "cold one."
  11. US tapes -- to be specific: Sinclair Institute Couples Guide to Better Sex Over 40. Another of the discs which gave the "prohibited" message was 720x576.
  12. Well, some interesting results of continued "playing," since the only way I was going to be able to get other media was on-line: I tried direct-recording to the Kodak discs, rather than the record/edit/save method. Voilà! The disc plays on the same player which refused the edited ones. Makes me wonder if there was a setting somewhere I missed.
  13. Thanks Jim and tbrewst! I'm going to try another brand of discs first, but appreciate the suggestion it might be the player itself. Unfortunately, I don't have access to any other players claiming to support DVD-R DL (interestingly, my relatively new Sony Blu-ray Disc/DVD player doesn't). The player I'm trying to use is about 4.75 years old, so I wouldn't have thought it to require repair yet, but who knows. Thanks again to both of you!
  14. Well, to start with, my media is Kodak -- only name I remotely recognized at Fry's. Elsewhere here in the forum, "sknis" recommends "Taiyo Yuden-JVC," or Verbatim (ones from Singapore) or Sony -- do you agree with his recommendations? "Layer change point" -- Greek to me! Anyway, I transferred a 1 hour 37 minute movie to one of the DL discs, which should have left plenty of unused space -- same outcome: plays fine on my computer but reports same error messages as the other (full) one on my DVD player. I'll try again with different media.