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  1. Blue Screen Of Death

    Will I did install,but I try to remeber if It did not actually install,but I do remeber is because I may had my device connected while install,which probalby means that I should not done that,thanks for the information and your right it is intersting for not repair,but I will try later time during the summer to connect it,and see if it works.
  2. Blue Screen Of Death

    So If I finsish my process should I update my roxio again
  3. Blue Screen Of Death

    just the regular instllation and I did that
  4. Blue Screen Of Death

    I do not see the repair screen
  5. Blue Screen Of Death

    SO I already know that my all usb ports are fine and I need to do is repair the software without antivirus,and firewalls,then when the repair completes turn the anti vrius and firewall back on and then restart my computer like turn it off then turn back on
  6. Blue Screen Of Death

    I have a major probelm with roxio bosd probelm when I plug it in,My video drivers are updated,and I will telll you my specs Windows 10 home edtion Mafucturer:Alien ware Model:Alienware ALIENWARE 14 Processor:Intel core i5-4200m cpu@2.50ghz 2.50ghz Install memory(ram):8.00gb(7.89gb usuable) System type:64 bit opreating system,x64 based prcoessr
  7. okay I look at the compatibly list of programs ready for windows 10 and should be compatible for windows 10 so I try again and see if no glitches here in a few days
  8. it is but there were glitches I downgraded to my win 7
  9. I am just wondering if windows 10 will be compitable with roxio or just keep in win 7
  10. I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    oh thank you it said I have 2.0 when check for updates probalby all this time I have it just it is 2.0
  11. I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    I got it and the build number is 100B23D
  12. I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    how I am I going to do
  13. I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    I updated 2.1 long time ago and It turn out that I still have 2.0 Why this is happening is it that 2.1 file is fake
  14. Thank you for telling me, and Roxio employes should know about this, and they should run the forums