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  1. Also...while waiting for a response, I decided to download the software to my hard drive and install from there. Same thing happened. Got to the final stages then was interrupted. Any help is appreciated! Also, I read somewhere on the forum we are only allowed 10 installs...I've wasted at least 5 or 6. Anything I can do to reverse this? Thank you.
  2. Yes, I did try it both ways, plugged in and not. No change. The googled answer to error 28 no help. I can attach the message recieved from dialog box, but I'm not sure which one to send...there are several (I'm not tech savvy to know which one will give you the info you need!). When I click on the log file link provided once it shows it was interupted, I'm not sure which one you need to see. What will I look for? Several are zipped files. Do I unzip one of them? Sorry, but I had no idea using this software would be this complicated!!
  3. I've recently changed computers, and when trying to download onto laptop, first attempt got to the point of finishing the process, then got a windows detected a problem message, and got kicked out of it. Second attempt, almost got to that same point. Got a message saying 'system has not been modified'. At one point, (not sure now where I saw it, I've looked all over my computer at this point, but perhaps a dialog box) I saw an error code 28. I'm running windows 7, had used XP the last time it was installed I believe. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Worked Today, Now No Video

    I thought it was legal to record if one is doing it for personal use only and only as a matter of format shift? My mistake. Perhaps this is only overseas that this is allowed so far.. At any rate, so the problem with the no video signal can come from the unit being overheated or something along those lines then?
  5. Worked Today, Now No Video

    I've managed to record a few videos, both home made and commercial to DVD before running into a snag. I am able to hear somewhat distorted audio, but nothing but a black screen and 'no video signal". Earlier, when things were functioning, I'd see the "REW" on the screen, etc. Now, nothing. I've gone back to check videos, both home made and commercial, that had played earlier in the day, and they no longer work either. Any advice? Thanks.
  6. Frozen On "finishing"

    I started to transfer a video to files, and when the video started, and it showed the record button, I clicked it. Instead of showing the starting of the recording of the video, it said 'finishing" (and the little wheel-thing was spinning next to the word finishing). No matter what I do, I can't stop it. I've unplugged the Roxio from the computer, tried closing out of the program, but I get an error message saying I can't close it until I stop the recording or it finishes. But there's not way to stop recording! The "X' button I'd usually click to stop it (down on lower right next to the record button), isn't highlighted for me to click it. Help me shut this down please!
  7. I am having this same trouble. Will play on laptop but not DVD nor blueray player. I think my software is about to head back for a refund. I just wish they had included "must have a PhD in IT in order to operate the product. So yes, I must say that 80% if not more will have "no idea what we're talking about" when we come to this site. I'm with you, Newbie.
  8. Won't Burn To Disc.

    Well, that's just it. I really didn't do any editing yet. I have still been trying to learn how to do all this. So I decided instead of downloading a bunch of videos onto the computer, THEN try to burn them, I figured I'd better try doing just the basics first. I did have to split the video as it was 1.5 hours. So I just split it where it suggested, minus a minute or two. I know it will take awhile to burn, but when I hit burn, it showed the screen that it was getting ready, but it never moved from 0% of 100%. It just stayed there, even after I walked away and came back to it. It's not that it's slow, it doesn't start!
  9. Won't Burn To Disc.

    I have successfully transferred video to computer, now want to burn it to DVD. I split the tape as instructed so it will span two discs. When I click 'burn', it shows that it is adjusting the tags or trim markers (can't recall what that part said). That runs 100%. But then when it says it's starting to acutally burn, it starts at 0% of 100% complete, but then never goes from there. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? Thanks
  10. Instructions?

    I'd like to run the 'edit' features while I'm recording, but it doesn't appear that I have that option. Is there a way to have it auto correct the noise, color, etc while it's recording the first time through??
  11. Instructions?

    I understand about the manuals ending up in the landfill! Ive just never used a product like this where one had to hunt for every piece of info! But I appreciate your assistance. I do have a couple other questions if I may: 1. When I'm ready to close out the program, if I hit "X', I get a message that says, "this program has stopped working, click "close" to close program, or..." This is what I get anytime I'm on some site that stops working on it's own...like an error message. Is there some way I should be exiting the program when I'm done besides closing my clicking on the "X" like you'd close out of any program? 2. Regarding the editing process where I can fix sound, color, grain etc. I see where I can go in and click the options as to what I want it 'fix', and I can see the preview button. But, how do I go about actually fixing it? The project is already recorded. Do I click a button and all of my selections will just automatically repair the entire project? Do I have to run the entire program again? Please explain the steps to do these edits if you would please! Thank you!
  12. Instructions?

    Thank you for directing me to the post I need and for your help. I just wish the company had more complete directions with the program. I had to hunt and peck to figure out how I would even get to use the features the program offers. Thankfully, there's this site, or I'd be lost!
  13. Instructions?

    Yes, I've looked at the online link but it doesn't say much more than the manual that comes with the product. I've read many of the posts here, but I was hoping there was something more out there as far as instructions to follow for specific features of the program. It says it can do XYZ, but I can't find how to do it! What I would like to know first is how to edit, and what kind of editing can actually be done. For ex., on the video I transferred, I didn't realize there was a humming noise in part of the tape. So I would like to cut out that portion, go back in and retransfer that part and mute the sound out (I see where I can mute the sound). But where do I see if I can do this, and how??
  14. Instructions?

    Just installed the VHS to DVD3 plus. Managed to load on video onto computer. Then couldn't get it to launch again. FINALLY for whatever reason, today it did. I'm now able to find the one video I uploaded. But I have NO IDEA what to do next! I've looked everywhere online for any sort of directions as to how to edit, or use any of the other features, but have found nothing but the questions here. Has anyone found someplace to get online instructions beyond the very few in the book? What am I missing here??! Thanks!