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  1. Wav Files Not Recognized

    Sonar X3 is my DAW. Exports out WAV. What do you know, I download Audacity and the free software works first try. Beginning to think Roxio is a piece of crap. Not sure what you want a shot of. The only other piece of data is size (50MB) and a category A.
  2. Wav Files Not Recognized

    I love how the technical support just goes around and around and you can't actually ask a question of Roxio. Used to think this was the greatest product but the more trouble I have with this new install the more I realize that this is nothing but a 2-bit company. Time to find a better product and never use Roxio products again. What a joke. Do they not realize that customers are one click away from picking the competition. Terrible customer support equals "never use them again"
  3. Wav Files Not Recognized

    So I mixed it down to 24 bit, 2116 kps and exactly the same thing. Now I'm totally confused.
  4. Wav Files Not Recognized

    Why not? It used to work. The old version before the laptop crash handled them just fine. Why wouldn't Roxio handle 32 bit? It's supposed to be the top product out there. If it truly doesn't do 32 bit, can I get a refund?
  5. Wav Files Not Recognized

    I can play the WAV with WMP but not in Roxio.
  6. Wav Files Not Recognized

    Nope, I have tried to use WAV files that converted in the past (before reinstalling/REBUYING Roxio). The Wave's are fine. I just can't get this version to understand 2822 kps wav files
  7. Wav Files Not Recognized

    Sound Editor and Converter both work, but does not recognize the Audio file.
  8. Wav Files Not Recognized

    Not easily. I can't edit the WAV, so I can't get to 5 MB. The software I use for editing the WAV is Roxio and it doesn't work.
  9. I had a laptop crash so had to rebuy Creator NXT 3. One of the primary uses is Audio editing and Conversion from Wav to MP3. WAV is 2822 kps. The old install worked, but this will not read the in any of the programs. Version is NXT Pro 3 version No updates available Side complaint. Email for registration did not have a support code and since I paid with paypal it is IMPOSSIBLE to open a warranty ticket.] Help please. I need this to work.