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  1. Capture Software Won't Open

    I haven't found a solution to this however I just decided to restore my laptop to a point earlier that day before I did the clean boot so that must have been what caused Roxio to stop working because now it's back to working.
  2. Capture Software Won't Open

    Hi, apologies if my problem has been resolved before however I'd had a search through the forum and the only threads about it have either gone unanswered because the author never responded to a question or the resolution hasn't worked for me. What has happened is that I was recommended by Windows Support to do a Clean Boot to help fix problems I was having with Windows Media Player however when I tried to use my Roxio Game Capture later on, I clicked the big 'Capture' button and instead of opening the capture software, the orange loading pop-up appeared for less than a second and disappeared and nothing happened. I tried restarting my laptop a couple of times, running capture as an administrator and even going through the repair process but it still isn't opening. I don't know whether the Clean Boot had anything to do with the software not working however it's been working fine since March of this year so it would be odd for it not of been from it. Thanks!
  3. Output Files // Editing

    That makes great sense as I've been filling up more space recently. I'll invest in an external hard drive soon and free things up some more. Hopefully things will be running a lot smoother for Video Wave then or better yet, I could capture MP4. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Output Files // Editing

    Thanks for the response but I've repaired the program 3 times already but it can still be quite temperamental. I use a laptop however I think it's quite up to the task but I couldn't be 100%. These are my specs (I'm not great with PC specs, etc so bare with me haha) Toshiba Laptop Win8 (64 bit) AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.00 GHz w/8GB RAM Should it be working well with that or is it an issue with the laptop? I'll dig back through to Sony Vegas! Thanks again
  5. Output Files // Editing

    Hi, I've been using the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO since March and I think it's fantastic however I've been hitting problems with the output files and editing. My issue is, whenever I edit with Videowave, it takes an long time to do the simplest of tasks and makes it unbearable. Especially when it crashes. So I've been trying to edit in Sony Vegas as I normally do but recently when I import my .m2ts files, it will never import the whole file. And also as the audio doesn't import either, I have to extract it from the file using Videowave. A way around this I've found is to put the output file as MP4 but the capture program always crashes when I've finished recording a file. Sorry if this isn't very specific on what I need help on but can anyone suggest anything for me to be able to edit these videos a lot less painfully? Thanks!
  6. Background Buzzing Noise

    It's okay, thanks for you help anyway! I should receive my support code through the mail soon so I can contact the official support team. Thanks again
  7. Background Buzzing Noise

    Thanks for the quick reply. (I live in England so I apologise for any delay due to time differences) I agree, in the video there is not much of a buzz however listening to the audio recorded on the actual recordings, etc, it is much more prominent. I have tried changing USB ports and even using a different USB cable but the buzz has not changed. I understand what you're talking about with the picture and audio display but I didn't realise it didn't happen in this video, it happened in a video of game play I had recorded but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. One issue at a time haha. So I still have the electronic buzz as you described after swapping around ports, etc. I hope this helps solve the issue.
  8. Background Buzzing Noise

    Hi there. I received my Game Capture HD Pro today and it's providing a great picture so far however I am also receiving an annoying buzzing noise in the background. I have tried swapping cables around and have even recorded footage of my Laptop using it which also has the background noise. It's a similar sound to feedback given from guitar amps, etc. I am running the capture card from an Xbox 360 into a regular LCD TV via two HDMI cables. I am also using the provided USB cable running into my Toshiba Laptop and the provided Roxio Game Capture program to record. Here's an example of the noise I am getting when recording. I can hear the noise too coming from my TV/Laptop when I'm running my Xbox which I never hear when I am normally playing. Also I'm not sure if there's any relation between the two but I was recording Black Ops 2 footage earlier and there was a 2 second delay between the picture and audio. Thanks for any help I'd really appreciate it if you had any solutions.