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  1. Audio Narrative Records At High Speed

    OK, so here's the resolution. I unplugged the WebCam. Plugged in a shotgun mic I use for videos. Of course the battery was dead, and I had to fish out a spare. Recording was normal speed but low volume. Went into system and boosted volume levels and the result was much improved but volume still a bit low. Unplugged the shotgun and replugged the WebCam now the webcam works. Volume still a bit low. I guess I can play with the settings a bit more. Thanks for the help
  2. Audio Narrative Records At High Speed

    Thank you System: Intel I7-4790@ 3.6ghz, RAM 16gb, 64bit os. Built in sound card on mother board. Roxio: Video Wave - Edit Video Advanced Mic - is in Logitech Web Cam 310 - had no issues with Creator 2010 The screen shot you posted is where I attempted the narrative. I just tried your suggestions and got the message Video wave has stopped working. Will reboot and try again. I rebooted the system I entered the NARRATIVE RECORD screen you show, I had first unchecked the fx and made sure the narrative boxes were checked as you suggested in "Shoe/Hide tracks" I again recorded in the screenshot you show. Again it is "chipmunks" I went into AUDIO EDITOR and there appear to be controls for everything but speed I ended up editing the video on my laptop also Win 10 with the built in mic.
  3. I'm on Win10, when I upgraded to the new OS I discovered NXT3 was no compatible. I switched back to Creator 2010 and all was good and then it died after about 4 months. I ordered NXT4 on disk. The disk was corrupted and would not install properly. I contacted customer support for help on the install, the "expedited" contact I was told they would request took a week for them to respond. By then I decided to try the download, the download worked. NXT4 was up and running. Today I tried my first video and "Houston we have a problem". I wanted to add a narrative - the microphone under the screen shot - the playback was in hyper-speed - Chipmunks I can't find a way to correct the speed of the audio dub. Any suggestions?
  4. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    On the plus side. Some may now have success with Creator10 if NXT3 doesn't work for them. So maybe, i just saved some guys some green while they decide whether or not to move to NXT4
  5. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    That does not ring a bell, so I'll say no. But I'm done with NXT3, Creator10 is working just fine.
  6. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    They had me do this. It was no better than the the Msoft uninstaller and still had to go in and manually remove bits and pieces
  7. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    Thank you Brendon My experience with Tech Support is pretty much listed above. We exchanged emails for several weeks, none of their ideas worked. The agent finally said this was a known issue. That's all she wrote. I wasted hours installing, uninstalling, editing out Roxio from registry ( uninstall left lots of crap all over the place), and then repeating, and repeating.........
  8. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    Video editor would not load, program would lock up
  9. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    thank you Edited to remove CD Key!
  10. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    All of my machines are now on Win10 They also are all running Roxio Creator 10 with no issues. The only program with issues with Win10 was NXT3
  11. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    I went to HELP, that is where I found those version numbers. And that is how they displayed them, For some reason I could not copy and paste. The build # 121B93A, RO3; 500B22A, RO3
  12. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    Roxio creator 2010 I can appreciate this point, but; 1- Beta testing is done. And I believe MSft works with developers for compatibility. 2- Non-compatibility can always be an issue, and programs do become obsoleted. 3- They were selling this product, I believe even after the Win10 roll out. I happened to purchase it about 3 months before the Win 10 rollout. 4- Tech Support worked with me FOR WEEKS trying to get it to work. THEY WERE NOT AWARE THAT THERE WAS A PROBLEM. 5- I mentioned that I had seen online others had issues with Win10, they claimed to know nothing of these reports. 6- They finally admitted that there was a problem
  13. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    Working fine with no issues I've back on it since September, when I gave up on NXT3 Creator 10 V1.2.193; Common UI Framework V 1.8.3489.2383 Central Framework 1.8.3483.3295
  14. Nxt3/roxio Rant

    Funny, how this is the only program I have had an issue with. Funny, how CS/Tech Support did NOT tell me it was not compatible until haveing me go through all sorts of gymnastics to get it to work. We spent WEEKS going through different processes. They were not aware of the issue. Funny, that CREATOR10, which I have gone back to is working just fine under Win10. Yes, you can blame me, but if I use your logic I should call every company about their programs before doing an OS upgrade. And in the end, CS/tech Support would have given me the wrong answer anyway.
  15. Last March (2015) I decided to upgrade from Creator10 to NXT3. In June (2015), I upgraded to Win10. It quickly became obvious that there was a compatibility issue. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling I checked online and discovered that the issue was not unique. I also discovered that in order to uninstall I needed to work in the REGISTER. This became annoying and a royal pain I contacted CS, they had me uninstall/reinstall, download a fresh version, download an uninstaller which worked no better. THEY HAD ME WASTE HOURS AND HOURS doing all this crap. IN THE END, THEY ADMITTED THAT THEY WERE AWARE THAT THERE WAS AN ISSUE. The solution I was given today when I requested a free upgrade was NO. I could purchase the program at a discount from their website. Thanks Roxio for a total waste of time and money, this is no way to treat customers.