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    Finalize Bluray

    Thanks Jim, You are seeing exactly what I found. If I put in a factory-made movie BRD and select 'disc information', NXT2 reads it as 'closed'. But when I put in my own authored/burned movie BRD, 'disc information reads it as 'open, data appendable' and NXT2 will not close it - I get the same result that you show "please insert .........". The folder names and filenames are the same on both the factory movie BRD and my movie BRD, so I am assuming that they are the same movie format. Since NXT2 reads my disc as "open, data appendable", I tried adding a couple small files to its content using NXT2. The result was NXT2 reporting "please insert a disc". My discs read "open, data appendable" by NXT2 but act like 'closed' in every other regard. I contacted cyberlink, the mfgr of 'powerdirector11' (my BRD authoring program) and they confirm what myguggi wrote at the beginning of this thread. Cyberlink wrote: "Regarding your concern, I would like to inform you that the bluray disc burned using PowerDirector 11 software are already finalised after burning and can be played using bluray players and drives." So unless someone has more input, I am going to assume that cyberlink is correct and mail out the wedding discs. If recipients complain that they don't work in their BRD players, I will just send the medium resolution DVDs and find another authoring program. Thanks everyone for helping.
  2. Lurch17

    Finalize Bluray

    Dear Myguggi Explorer reveals that the disc has two folders: 'BDMV' and 'Certificate' 'BDMV' contains: subfolders AUXDATA, BACKUP, BDJO, CLIPINF, JAR, META, PLAYLIST, STREAM and two files index.bdmv and MovieObject.bdmv "Certificate" contains one subfolder "BACKUP" which is empty If this is a data disc and NXT2 reads it as 'Open' and 'Appendable', why won't NXT2 finalize it? All recipients have BR players or BR computers - or family members with them Thanks again for helping
  3. Lurch17

    Finalize Bluray

    Thanks Hardin, Disc reports as "BD-R, Open, Multisession, Data Appendable". So then I (once again) do 'tools', 'Finalize Disc', 'Green arrow' only to immediately have the disc pop out and receive the same message "Please insert an appendable disc that is CD media or DVD write-once media" (does not mention BRD). This could be an issue with the content, with the authoring program, with NXT2 - beyond me. Next step for me is to run the disc to a few neighbors with different BRD players to see if it works before I begin mass mailing of this wedding video. I have tried this with two different brands of BRDs - Memorex BD-R single layer 4X and Verbatim BD-R single layer type LTH. Given that the NXT2 message above does not even mention BRD tells me that NXT2 may not be fully functional for BRDs. Does anyone know if NXT3 will do this?
  4. Lurch17

    Finalize Bluray

    Dear Myguggi, Thanks for the quick response. Guess I will distribute the BRDs assuming they will play ok on any BRD player
  5. Lurch17

    Finalize Bluray

    Have Nxt2 on a Dell i7 XPS W7 Pro 64bit. I wish to 'finalize' a bluray video disc that I authored and burned on Powerdirector 11 on the same computer. The disc works fine on same computer and on a Panasonic bluray player connected to my TV. But, I am warned in general than non-finalized discs typically will not work on many players? I wish to finalize the bluray disk with NXT2 - powerdirector does not give me the option of finalizing the disk when I burned it. So, I put the disk in the Bluray drive and run Nxt2. Under 'Tools" I select 'finalize disc' then click green arrow. After a few seconds the disc pops out and the message says "Please insert an appendable data disc that is CD media or DVD write-once media" This leads me to believe that NXT2 is not capable of finalizing a bluray disc. What are my options for finalizing this bluray video disc? I might consider upgrading to NXT3, but there is no way for me to find out if NXT3 will finalize a bluray video disc. Anyone can help??