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  1. fiod3s

    Toast HDBD Plugin still 32 bit

    Toast 17 is finally a pure 64 bit app but I noticed that the HD:BD Plug-in Installer for Toast Titanium is still a 32 bit app any plans to upgrade?
  2. When burning I sometimes get the following error: Sense Key = ERRORE HARDWARE Sense Code = 0x44 INTERNAL TARGET FAILURE Followed by a bunch of Sense Key = ERRORE DEL SUPPORTO Sense Code = 0x57 UNABLE TO RECOVER TABLE-OF-CONTENTS When it happens I have to restart Toast to get rid of these errors. Toast doesn't write anything onto the discs so that I can reuse them. My system config is as follows: MacBook Air 13" 6.2 (mid 2013) i7 1.7 GHz 8 GB RAM 500 GB SSD OS X 10.10.4 MATSHITA BD-MLT UJ272 connected via USB 3.0 Toast Titanium 14.0
  3. I expected only more flexibility, in fact since Toast supports DVD-Video UDF 1.02 and BDMV UDF 2.50 it's only a matter of options to be added to the user interface. The DVD-ROM (UDF) is actually a hybrid because it's suited to DVD-Video and the standard requires that because many old standalone DVD players don't understand UDF at all. However, UDF is a really universal format, so it's the best choice for data discs. It's the fastest and it doesn't have silly limitations about file name length, file size and so on. Nowadays, ISO9660/Joliet for data discs is pointless, who needs Windows 3.1/95 compatibility? Despite these little issues, I still consider Toast Titanium among the best burning suites.
  4. I presume Toast Titanium can easily handle UDF 1.02/2.50/2.60 formats since it has DVD-Video and Blu-ray Video authoring capabilities. In fact, there is a DVD-ROM (UDF) option which results in an horrific hybrid ISO/Joliet + UDF 1.02 data disc. But how about making a pure UDF 1.02 DVD data disc? and an UDF 2.50/2.60 BD data disc? In Windows there is plenty of utilities for this very purpose such as ImgBurn (a free tool) but also Nero Burning ROM.