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  1. I am interested in capturing gameplay on my pc with a capture card rather than software like Fraps or Bandicam. The reason being is that Fraps and Bandicam tend to break if there is a resolution change, or alt+tabbing occurs. Theoretically, a capture card should just capture what happens on a monitor despite what happens on said monitor. My setup is a desktop with a GTX 780 going out to two monitors. I have a Roxio HD capture card hooked up to my primary monitor while I display the capture software on the second monitor. I ran a couple tests, and both failed miserably. In the tests, I started capturing while I was still on the desktop, and then booted a game before playing for a bit, and then exiting back to the desktop. The entire time, the capture software said it was capturing without a hitch. The video files were only one second long despite the fact that I had captured around 5 to 10 minutes of footage. Also, when running some games, the games were letterboxed, or just completely pushed halfway off the monitor. I've seen other people successfully use capture cards, like the Elgato, on their desktop computers, so I know there is a way to do this. A Roxio HD might not be the best capture card for this setup, but any support would be greatly appreciated.