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    Blurry Monitor

    I'm not setting up the RGC device to my Xbox. That setup works just fine and I have already manually set the display settings. My issue, if you've been following this thread, is that the RGC device makes my PC monitor blurry when I set it up to record my PC. I have tried everything Jim_Hardin has suggested and nothing seems to fix the issue (even using a splitter to try and bypass the RGC device). However is set up the RGC device to my PC, my monitor becomes blurry.
  2. nicludwig

    Blurry Monitor

    So I finally got a HDMI splitter and tested it out. I got an interesting result. The output from the splitter to the monitor has clear picture but when I put the other output from the splitter into the RGC device the monitor goes black then comes back with the same blurry display. Does the RGC device apply some sort of overlay that may distort the monitors display?
  3. nicludwig

    Blurry Monitor

    I tried both monitors already to make sure it wasn't just one of them. Both of them had a blurry display so its not just the one (they are the same model btw). I just tried the HDMI output from my Xbox One and the display was better (minimal blurriness) but a little pixelated. After that I tried my PC output with a 1080i TV and that works no problem. I also tried a third monitor (different model) and that one was blurry as well. I have yet to try a HDMI splitter (going to get one tonight) but if it bypasses the RGC then that may just fix the issue. How would I set it up with a splitter? On the RGC input or output?
  4. nicludwig

    Blurry Monitor

    I have the RGC USB power cord plugged into a USB port on my pc, video card connected to HDMI video input, and the monitor connected to the HDMI video output. I am not talking about the Preview Pane. The video display on my monitor is blurry but only when it is fed through the RGC device.
  5. nicludwig

    Blurry Monitor

    I set up GameCap HD Pro to my PC and everything thing works fine. However, there's a little issue with the video output. I have a MSI GTX970 video card and an Asus VN248H-P 23.8" monitor which gives me a clear picture but when I feed video through my GameCap device my monitor suffers from a blurred picture. I have a dual monitor set up and there is an obvious difference between the two. Is this just what happens when feeding video through the GameCap device or is there a fix?