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  1. Windows 10

    Thanks sknis, I just returned from Office Depot and they took it back with no issues. I also let them know they have an old unsupported product on their shelves, but I doubt they will do anything about it. Now I am searching for an alternate, supported solution. Dale
  2. Windows 10

    It's obvious I am talking to a stone wall here. You know its not like I'm expecting them to support a completely different operating system like some weird variation of Linux. It is Windows and the upgrades are coming as updates now. Get used to it. I am not expecting a product introduced 5 years ago to work on different versions of the same OS IF THE PRODUCT IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED <<<<< MY POINT HERE!!!! But I would also not expect them to be still selling an unsupported product...that is bad business. Don't say that you support a product but you don't support a particular version of a supported OS. I bought this piece of crap from Office Depot 2 weeks ago. I expected it to not be a version that was developed 5 years ago!!! Can you get that point through your heads???? And if you support the product but the version I bought doesn't work on the newest version of the OS, then you come out with a version of the product that does....That's what successful software businesses do! Anyway I am done with this useless product and this useless forum.
  3. Windows 10

    I find it to be a poor business practice on the part of Roxio to continue to sell a product that they do not plan to support. For that I am returning it for a full refund. I will warn everyone I know to stay away from their products. As far as this forum is concerned I find it to be a haven for trolls who want nothing more than to stoke their egos instead of assisting others with issues. Like it or not Microsoft has adopted a new way to upgrade the OS by making it part of Windows update. Roxio EV2DP3 is the ONLY software I have not supported on Windows 10 and I'm not about to let one app that is not critical dictate what I do on operating system upgrades. Roxio needs to understand what it takes to be in the software business. You have the following choices: 1. Upgrade the product to be compatible 2. Discontinue the product in favor of a go forward product and provide your customers a path to transition 3. Go out of business Failure to do either 1 or 2 will result in 3. Dale I put my statement in bold and red for the reading impaired. It does not say Roxio EV2DP3 is the only software that is not supported on Windows 10.
  4. Windows 10

    Jim_Hardin Your responses are more helpful if you first read what I post carefully instead of trying to prove some level of false superiority. I did not post EVD2 as you indicated. I posted EV2D as a short form of Easy VHS TO DVD. I have the Plus 3. Also do not post any reference to Brendon if what he does is not anyone's business. Post only helpful not confusing advice. I have no idea who Brendon is! In addition you jumped to conclusions again about my reference to the lack of a download link for Easy VHS to DVD Plus 3. Many software companies elect to not provide ongoing support for an obsolete product by removing download links to that product. I certainly know the difference between Windows and Mac. It is not unheard of for a company to decide to support one or the other. And yes I chose to have automatic updates because many vulnerabilities are revealed when updates are announced. So I choose to not fall victim to those vulnerablities. Again your comment was not only unnecessary but unhelpful.Given Roxio had plenty of time to test and release Windows 10 compatible versions prior to the release of Win 10 further fueled the notion that perhaps this product was heading for the scrap heap. I've had no problems with any other software under Win 10. In the future I suggest that you stick to helpful comments only. And it's perfectly acceptable to not comment at all if you have nothing constructive to say. Dale
  5. Windows 10

    Your statement "Brendon is our resident expert at keeping old software running on new OS's but I don't think he is going to run Win 10" is what confused me. I interpreted it to mean the EV2D software was old and there would not likely be a Win 10 fix. Secondly it wasn't that I chose the time for the update to Win10 as Microsoft thrusts it on you without warning. It appears Microsoft's policy is to make Is upgrades a part of Windows Update. Even though I requested it to be delayed it applied it anyway. I wasn't happy about it but once it was into it I didn't want to risk corrupting my computer by crashing the update. The other reason I thought EV2D might not be supported is the fact the Windows version is missing from the download site. The Mac version is there but not Windows.
  6. Windows 10

    No you misunderstood my post. It was looking for a DVD drive to capture TO not FROM. The Surface Pro 3 has no DVD drive to write to. I was able to capture video to a file on the Surface Pro's C drive (the boot SSD). Are you saying that there will likely be no Windows 10 support. It sounds like you are saying this is old technology on the way out. Would I be better off with the Pinnacle device? Dale
  7. Windows 10

    Nevermind. I had used it only once under Windows 8.1 and I forgot the steps I took to make it capture video from the VCR. It looks like I used the "Record DVD" button and of course there are no DVD drives on a Surface Pro 3! I just tried it again using the "Record, Edit and Save" and it started capturing to the SSD drive. So it looks like it might work after all under Windows 10. I just started a VHS to disk capture and I will repost to let you know if it worked out okay. Dale
  8. Windows 10

    Thanks Jim_Hardin My display settings were already set higher than the minimum you suggested, but I bumped them to the maximum 2160 x 1440 and it seems to help the display issues. But it won't see any drives on my Surface, not even the boot drive. This makes me think Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Plus 3 is not ready for Windows 10.
  9. Windows 10

    I used Easy VHS to DVD Plus 3 on a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 with no trouble. However I received the free Windows 10 upgrade and now I can't see the entire screen as portions are cut off. Also I can't seem to capture to a file. The hardware appears to pick up video and audio. I don't see a download of software available on this site. Am I out of luck?