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  1. Recording On The Pc?

    It doesn't look too bad, but whenever I play a game the low res bugs me. And I use headphones. How do I set it to receive audio?
  2. Recording On The Pc?

    Thank you, this helped. But I still have a ton more problems. So I plugged it in, started RGC Program and it shows everything. there is just a couple of problems. 1. I encounter a 3 second lag between real gameplay and the one that is being captured. 2. Not hearing any audio. 3. Really low resolution, it is hard to read. How do I fix these?
  3. Recording On The Pc?

    Kind of confusing me a bit. I'm running this all on 1 pc with 2 monitors, no laptop involved. How does the setup go? Motherboard to input of RGC or GPU? I only have Display adapters open.
  4. Recording On The Pc?

    My apologizes. I guess I wasn't paying attention. I want to know how do I capture PC game play, such as gaming. I want to have the program running and capturing on one screen and want to record the other. Is it possible? If so, what are the configurations too it? I have a Roxio HD Pro capture card.
  5. Recording On The Pc?

    Hey, I'm a complete noob. How do I record PC Capture? Here is my dxdiag. DxDiag.txt
  6. Recording On Pc

    http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=8147&gclid=CjwKEAjw4s2wBRDSnr2jwZenlkgSJABvFcwQToU_dyZYycmfs9_8JnW4yS4L6ofp4F44K1U8DBOSihoCMVDw_wcB&kpid=108147Will this work?
  7. Recording On Pc

    Will this work? http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=8150&gclid=CjwKEAjw-IOwBRD1wrTC27fSjFISJABUDZ17qzwr2IenKFDjH3SSNh4Hd99d5lPVoI2VXwm5i2Yy7BoCEhPw_wcB&kpid=108150
  8. Recording On Pc

    Also, How much splitters do I need?
  9. Recording On Pc

    Any way you can link me too a good cheap one? And also I don't understand why my GPU doesn't have two ports either. Dumb right?
  10. Recording On Pc

    Hello, I need help. So, I just got my dual monitors today and I'm so excited to start capturing. But I don't know what to do. I have one monitor connected to my GPU with and HDMI cable and the other monitor connected to the GPU with a VGA cable and DVI cable adapter connected to the GPU. I have no Idea what to do now. Do I plug it into my motherboard? I have an ASUS with DVI,VGA,Cables,andHDMI ports and an HP with VGA and DVI. My questions are: How do I record? How do I set it up? Specs in attached files. DxDiag.txt