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  1. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    can someone plesae help me with enabling blu-ray authorting? when I click on the option from the help menu, it does absolutely nothing.
  2. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    Yes, going to the help menu is precisely how I am trying to do it. But when I click on "enable Blu-Ray authoring" nothing happens. nothing at all.
  3. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    Hello! Well, I uninstalled with Revo uninstaller, then reinstalled and a very strange thing happened, the program installed, but I only had access to Roxio Burn and Roxio back on track. nothing else appeared anywhere on my computer. So I uninstalled with Revo again, installed as admin and voila! I have the entire software suite on my computer now. However, when I click on "enable blu ray authoring" it does nothing. at all. I don't even get a little circle like it's "working" How can I fix this?
  4. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    HI, Thank you for your assistance! I had already uninstalled with IoBit uninstaller which also removes remnants from an install, and then installed again and the log I attached was the result of that but I will do so again with revo uninstaller and then install. maybe i'll see if it's possible to "install as admin"
  5. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    Hi. I have attached a screenshot showing my Windows 10 Pro is the current version. I don't know if yours is an insider build or maybe the home edition is a diff version. However, by comparison my Roxio Central folder looks like a barren wasteland as opposed to yours. I've also attached the most recent log file. Thanks! ROXIO_SETUP.zip **Edit** after further investigation for some reason Windows Update is not automatically giving my machine the anniversary update to build 1607 which I am manually downhloading now.
  6. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    Hi. Yes, back at the original issue I did install visual C++ but that didn't help. And now the issue appears to be that Roxio Central is not installed at all. I love Corel's own products, i.e. paint shop , but the Roxio Creator line leaves a lot to be desired. NXT is not the first version I have had issues with and in fact the only reason I got it was to avoid issues with the previous release I had. At this point I consider it money wasted and will never buy another Roxio product again.
  7. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    Hi CD. Yes, I did see that post. I am the default and only account on my PC and as such, the administrator so how would I not be imstalling with administrator priveledges by default? If you are referring to the right click "run as administrator" I am not aware of that same option for installation. And just my opinion, but it's kind of ridiculous that one would have to do that for a mainstream widely available legit retail software in the first place.
  8. Roxio Central Didn't Install?

    HI, my current version of Windows 10 Pro is as follows: Version 1511 Build 10586.545 Based on your info I checked for updates and there are none so my version is current. In terms of my previous issue I received an error message out of nowhere that Creator had stopped working. I actually posted on it in this forum and nothing I did corrected it. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I am hoping someone can help me as I do not know what to do at this point. I have had Windows 10 ever since it was released. Prior to this I had Windows 8.1. I had NXT pro 3 installed in the Windows 8.1 machine and it worked fine. Even worked up until a certain point on Windows 10. Then I had some issues with it I could not resolve so I just uninstalled it, clean up any remnants, etc and went on with my life. I am just now installing it again as I had to do a clean install of Windows 10 and all other software so I figured I would try again. The installer worked fine but did not install a desktop shortcut to Roxio Central. When I check "all aps" it is also not listed in the Roxio software installed. I have uninstalled and removed any remnants from the install, restarted my machine, reinstalled and the same thing happens. Roxio Central is NOT getting installed and I have no idea why or how to correct this. I have checked the program folder, and Roxio Central subfolder, and there is no .exe there. Please help!! Thank you, ejluvsrush
  10. Hi again. I do want to thank everyone for their input and help. Mr. Hardin, before coming to the forum I had already tried repairing the installation, more than once, with no luck. I don't know what else to do here...
  11. Thank you Mr. Harden for escalating the issue. Yes, I followed the steps with Revo Uninstaller exactly as stated. BTW , I am NOT the only one with this issue. I checked the web for answers before coming to the forum and found many, many users getting the same error I do, and it is not limited to windows 10 (which I believe I eluded to in my original post). There is no way this is user error. And thank you for getting involved administrator. No, I do not have Autodesk installed. I"m sorry for the time between replies. Two kids under 6 and under keep me very busy. LOL
  12. Well, I tried the revo uninstaller removal as instructed. reinstalled and still have the same problem. "Roxio creator has stopped working. a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
  13. Hi Brendon. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but not via your methods. I will try and let you know. I really appreciate the help, thank you!
  14. Hi, I desperately need some help please. I upgraded to Windows 10 the day it was released. Previously had Windows 8.1 Pro. I love Roxio Creator NXT3 and up until about 2 months ago it was working flawlessly, even in Windows 10. Then out of nowhere I get an error message when trying to open it up from a shortcut on my desktop: Roxio has stopped working - A proplem caused the program to stop working correctly It went on regarding windows error reporting, etc. I have tried in vain ever since first seeing this, to resolve it and have been unable to. I have uninstalled the application and reinstalled, I have searched for an %appdata% folder which does not appear to exist (no Roxio folder in my local AppData folder). I have run an automated registry clean/repair, and I cannot fix this. Roxio Central will not open. At one point I was able to go into SOME of the individual applications from the start menu and open them but now that no longer works plus there are some things, such as the screen record, that can only be accessed from Roxio Central. I thought maybe this was an issue restricted to incompatability with Windows 10 but alas websearching leads me to believe this is NOT the case. please, I beg of you, please someone help me!