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  1. Sorry to offend. Saturday morning I removed the Lighscribe System Software from my computer. Then I tried Roxio again, without much expectation, and IT WORKED! I printed four labels exactly as I designed them. So I burned 30 more copies of the content with great hopes for labeling them. Labeling did not work. Got the same narrow margins as with the earlier problem. Later I got margins for a minidisk. So I came here and found your note. I have downloaded and installed LightScribe Software System on my computer and restarted. The LSS wanted me to create a label--and offered only the narrow margins. So I closed it and went back to Roxio. Roxio recognizes the hardware, I still get the narrow margins. Sometimes everything looks good until I click print... then the narrow margins appear. When I click the link you sent, I find downloads for updates, then circular references. I chased them down and apparently have the LSS installed. I appreciate your suggestions but something seems wrong with Roxio. Unfortunately, I cannot contact them until Monday. I used the LG freebie lightscribe program until my old computer died But thank you for your interest.
  2. Cdanteek: Thanks for the suggestion, but Roxio NXT4 will do what that will do. I need to make a better label than a one-line circular. Thanks anyway. I see more of the problem now: the blue lines that appear and restrict the printing are the margins of the print area -- for a CD, a circular path that is 1.3875" wide, from the edge of the CD back to the center... the printable area on the LightScribe disk. With NXT4, I create the multi-element label just fine, but when it starts to print, the margins inexplicably constrict to a path about .25" wide; the LightScribe printer/burner then prints only that portion of the label that appears within the new margins. This is unacceptable and I find no way to prevent NXT4 from doing it. Something is wrong with the program! The saddest part is that help is so slow that I am ready to return the program and find a better one. Sad, because I have been very happy with Roxio and predecessors of this program for 15 years! Could the problem be related to having eight downloads of NXT4 in my computer? I was unaware of this until a few moments ago. If I delete the 7 earliest ones, will that leave the last one properly installed?
  3. I tried an answer, but it disappeared. I do not know how to show a screen cap. When I retrieve a saved disk label, on top of the collection of images I placed there, two concentric blue circles appear over my label. The circles have a .25" gap. The label is dimmed, with the space between the lines bright. The space is similar to the gap provided for a data recording label. The print preview shows only the part of my label that appear between the circles. I have tried exporting the composite label, but when I call it back as inserting an image, the quality has deteriorated significantly. It appears that I will have to re-create the label after each disk I burn, then burn the label. This will become very tedious, as I have 35 to go! My old Roxio EZ CD Creator 5 would burn as many CDs as I asked. Until my old computer died, I had a Lightscribe program separate from Roxio and could make better choices. With the LightScriber burner attached, I have no choice to make a label, then choose LightScribe. NXT does that automatically. I think there is something wrong with NXT4. It opened the saved label once, then every time I try to open it, or any of several subsequent attempts, the circles appear. I think my best bet is to ask for a refund from Roxio and find another program. They screwed up when they put all the photo stuff on top of the CD Creator. Adaptec did a far better job with it!
  4. I do not know what a screen cap is. I can describe the result: two concentric circles off the center of the disk label, about .25" difference in radius. The image(s) I placed on the disk are all dimmed, except for the areas between the circles. The print preview indicates that only that portion of the label will print -- which is quite inadequate! The circles are blue, similar to the circles that would (or at least define the area that would be printed on a data label. They do not appear during the creation of the label, only when the label is opened after saving. I have attempted to export the entire label, then apply it to the disk as a composite image of the whole thing, but the quality is severely deteriorated. So I am faced with having to create the entire label for each time I want to use it. That will be very inconvenient, as I have 35 of the same label to print on the lightscribe printer!
  5. My new NXT4 printed two LightScribe lables just fine, but now the preview of my saved label shows that it will print only the portion of my lable that appears within a circular path like the default DATA/TITLE label. Will it actually print the full label, with background and graphics, or only what is in the little circle-path? Or do I have to re-create the label every time I need another like this one? I don't wish to waste a LightScribe disk to find out!