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  1. "For the others, you mentioned replacing the USB cable???" I had a new usb cable, try to plug all computers. Nothing recognize device. All computers don't install antivirus software. i turned off firewall Your solution is: - Unplug device - Remove RGC Driver (Software) - Run Setpup Program Or - Unplug device - Repair software Thanks for support.
  2. Dear Jim Hardin, i say that "installed correct" because i used software, device RGC very good 4 days ago (on computer A) After that, i unplug it, then plug a old computer (Computer ... 4 days later... After that, i unplug it (Computer , then plug a Computer A. Computer isn't recognize device. "If it works on One PC and not another, the other PC is the issue - unless you use a different USB cable and it is bad..." i use USB cable of Roxio for all computer. All computer aren't still recognize device. "May have to shut down and restart the Software to recognize the RGC when removed and plugged back in." I restarted many times, RGC isn't still work. I'm bored. I like this device. A Device is amazing.
  3. Dear every one. I Have a Computer A, i installed successfull, using RGC very good. However, I plug device on a Computer B. Computer is old computer. When i install software, also use other software, computer appearance "blue green", then shutdown. I have been shutdown from 10 to 15 times. Then, I unplug device on a Computer B, plug on a Computer A Computer isn't not recognize Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. I was: - Try, plug on Computer C, however computer C also not display "recognize " or "not recognize ". Means Computer C not change everything when plug on Computer C. - i think, usb cable have failed. I buy a new usb cable, plug on three 3 computer, also has been above statement. - when i plug usb cable from RGC on computer. Device's light still turn on. - RGC software installed correct. - I also plugged usb cable to other's port on computer. but has been above statement. Must i do to recognize device? If not using usb cable, i can using other way? I bought this device on 2 months. I don't live America.
  4. MEGAheartno1

    How To Auto Start/stop Capture When Enough Length?

    I know using RGC is best quality. I try capture >10 hours, software is responding, after then build file very long. I wish RGC can do this. Thanks for support
  5. MEGAheartno1

    How To Auto Start/stop Capture When Enough Length?

    My soulution is: 1. View full screen form RGC 2. Use others capture software (Debut), auto split options, build file very fast. Hope, "this others software" can do better, quality better. to Development Team of RGC: future, you will do that.
  6. MEGAheartno1

    How To Auto Start/stop Capture When Enough Length?

    i captured more 18 hours every day. This software build file very long. Hi Digital Guru, i can create where master file is? Your mean is i still capture RGC, when I use VideoWave to split many part (1 part = 1 hours), then delete root file?
  7. Hi everyone. I'm using Roxio Capture HD Pro Software (Newest Update) I want capture to many files, every files have length 60 minutes. If i check box "lengh = 1:00:00 (hh:mm:ss) then file have enough 60 mintues to auto stop capture However, i want, when it's auto stop capture, it will auto start capture?