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    Video Sound Doesn't Match Lips

    I have the same problem. When I capture my VHS video using High Quality and record for over 1 hour, the sound and video do not match up. I would say they are about 3 or 5 seconds off after an hour. I have tried different VHS players and different cables, and I am positive that this is not a problem with my computer or VHS player. I purchased the product so that I can get the highest quality conversion, and now I need to use Medium Quality for all of my conversions. When I use Medium Quality, everything seems fine. Again, why do you sell the VHS to DVD for Mac product when it has such an obvious defect and nobody can use the default High Quality setting if they want the video and audio to match? Is there any fix for this or anything that I can do to record in High Quality as intended? When will there be a fix for this?