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  1. @cdanteek- My initial install that started me down this path here was to an administer account. I just created a new, separate, clean account.
  2. *update* Still haven't heard from customer support yet. On the plus side, I created a new administer account to log on to my laptop and tried that. Well, that works. Anybody have an idea as to why?
  3. @Grandpabruce- I left out in my original post that after I receive the error message of "servers not responding", I then click on "Finish" at the bottom and proceed using the program anyway. I tried your link, but no success. I have submitted a customer service request and await a reply. Let you know how it goes.
  4. Hello all. I have the program installed, registered online @Roxio thru the website, and even updated to the latest ver. I am even able to make copies of vhs-c tapes(so far). But, beginning with initial installation and continuing every time I open the program, it asks me to register, and then tells me that "servers are not responding, please try later". I am able to register online @ the website but not within the program. Any info/help is appreciated as I am a little concerned, get half into recording valuable memories only to see it all stop because of a glitch! Thank you!