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  1. No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    Yes, it works to switch, but then i got NO gamesound. So there is two alternatives: 1 Record my gameplay without audio to the roxio and have my USB razer kraken, And actually hear awesome. Have that tab to "all audio"OR: 2 Take the tab to "Chat audio" And record my gameplay with soundDELAY and the sound comming throug my computer.
  2. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    So, does someone have an fix for this? Great now the Elgato came out with a new version of their program "to make the gamechat and sound on ps4 easyier" Roxio dontwant any more customers?
  3. No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    Okey. Has someone a suggestion how to do this?
  4. No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    Do you got a resolution yet?
  5. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    Yeah, thats the thing! I can only switch between my headset or my tv/av. But if i use that i cant hear my headset! I mean isnt it some way i can plug the headset in the ps4 and still use the roxio to capture with game sound mic sound and party sound or at least gamesound and my voice? Man, i bought this rgc because i read that it was easy to do but now i dont know if i should bought an elgato instead. And then we have the thing about livestream and facecam, or record and facecam. The roxio cant even do that? What the f##k!
  6. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    No its its sound on the headset but when im recording it no sound in the file.
  7. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    Now it works! Now i dont get the Freaking sound instead when i captures my Videos! As i Said: I run a Razer kraken usb directly to ps4, and i have my sound output on HDMI out, The second alternative is optic witch i dont have.! Help please!
  8. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    1: Have tested to run the hdmi to dvi cable from ps4 to monitor works like a charm.. 2: yes i have tried to run that cable from the splitter to monitor, does not work. i think im going to get a new monitor tomorrow with Hdmi!
  9. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    http://www.thetechnologycompany.co.uk/belkin-hdmi-to-dvi-video-cable/this is the cable i have. Is that bad and should i select an hdmi to dvi adapter instead?
  10. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    is it any settings i have done wrong?
  11. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    Okey, so now i bought The Deltaco Active splitter that supports hdcp and 3d something jada jada.Has i connected it wrong? Hdmi from ps4 to splitter 1 hdmi to roxio 1 CABLE HDMI to DVI To screen. AND IT STILL DONT WORK! What the hell am i doing wrong? I dont understand. And i WILL soon throwing everything to the trash. Just to clearify things 1: I have get the Dvi to hdmi adapter returned so now i have only the CABLE: HDMI to DVI 2 I made a video to youtube so you can se that it is all right! PLEASE MAKE THIS WORK! Can it be the Fukkin adapter? The video, Or search for TigazONE and click the last video "iam Getting Crazy" Please Subscribe and hit the like button as WELL! EDIT Video removed for profanity!
  12. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    Okey so i will by one then! How about the sound? What will i need to connect if i want sound in the video? I have a headset also the Razer kraken usb into my ps4.
  13. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    Okey, so i live in sweden and want it now! Does just any hdmi splitter works or is it a specific model? http://www.24.se/datortillbehor/kablarkontakter/monitor-kablar/monitor-adapterswitch/hdmi-splitter-1xhdmi-hane-till-2xhdmi-hona?gclid=Cj0KEQiAiNi0BRDaobaq3dKJhrwBEiQAyVThzWJ4sI6NBXE0BX2wPZG8z9KwIyZB683JWmLRHUzdTJoaAoBp8P8HAQ<- is that good? It says it is "Passive" and that i only can show one screen at the time. And is it difference in "hdmi splitter" and a "hdmi switch" or is it the same thing?
  14. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    Okey, first of all, i only got a hdmi to dvi cable, and the HAMA Adapter, not the splitter. is it something that i have done wrong? ps4->HDMI cable to roxio, roxio hdmi to dvi cable into monitor. Next alternative that ive tried. ps4->hdmi cable to roxio, roxio hdmi just a regular one to screen and on the screen i have my hama adapter and plug that in. Any wrong?
  15. Lg Flatron E2240T?

    But isnt http://www.amazon.de/DELOCK-Adapter-HDMI-1-4-St/dp/B003XOPOII/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1353061914&sr=8-9just a hdmi with 2 hdmi? like an extender, plug that in and you get 2 hdmi? The chord with hdmi and dvi works super with hdcp on. Also the Adapter i bought. This is the Monitor. http://www.lg.com/za/monitors/lg-E2240T-led-lcd And it says its DVI-D and when i loock in the back of it i suppose it is a DVI-D Dual link according to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface#DVI_and_HDMI_compatibilityit looks like DVI-D Dual link. So please, Can somone tell me how i can do? If the first link is NOT wrong, How do you connect it and what will it do?