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  1. Io Device Errors

    Update -- tried a newer blank DVD, and now the error message reads "Incorrect Function."
  2. Io Device Errors

    Using Roxio My DVD as part of my Roxio Creater NXT 4 package and every time I open the My DVD link, it gives me the "shut down" message, stating that the operation cannot be performed due to an IO device error. This has never happened before and I've tried several blank DVD's -- solutions?
  3. Creator 2011 Service Pack

    Was hoping to upload the 2011 Service Pack for my existing Roxio Creator app but it keeps asking me whether I want to allow the uploaded app.exe to make changes to my computer. When I click, "yes," it says it can't find the patch, even though it's successfully downloaded at 64.5 mb. This was all simply to enable Roxio to burn my 16:9 HD video to a finished DVD product that wasn't 4:3 and showing a "skinny-squished" view when played to my TV on a DVD player. Is there an easier fix?