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    Apple Final Cut Pro 6 Hd Files To Blu-Ray Disks

    Hi There! In July last year I bought a LG Blu-Ray Writer for my 2010 MacPro system. Now as far as backing up A/V files to Blu-Ray disks for storage, Toast Titanium works just fine, but when it comes to actually burning compatible H.264, AVC, HD .mov files, and .mp4 files to either a single layer Blu-Ray disk (BD-R), or to a Blu-Ray Dual Layer disk (BD-DL), the finished files do not show up as selectable items on the Menu (Style). In this case it just shows up as: My Movie My Movie My Movie ....and so on. I'd like to get the Main Menu of the disk to read out something like this with a workable menu: Blu-Ray Test Disk #1 Brightness Test Color Test Tint/Gamma Test Etc.... Hopefully without trying to edit things from the start using iMovie. (It's not frame accurate, you can't do delicate color-correction, etc.) This might have been brought up many moons back, but seeing as though I bought the drive to put HD content onto Blu-Ray disks (Even maybe SD Video Files encoded to H.264 for archival use.), I'm kinda stumped here. Any ideas would be helpful.... Thanks!